Materialismo/Ateísmo: Interessante Definição


As usual, atheists sneer ( escarnio, sarcasmo) at anything that doesn’t fit their narrow little world view. None of it can be true because of course we have the BEST POSSIBLE science RIGHT NOW to deal with these issues. There is NO POSSIBILITY that the universe holds things and truths we cannot perceive. Nope. If human ingenuity and our Very Expensive Instruments cannot detect it, then it obviously can’t exist, because we are The Epitome Of Evolution.

I can’t decide who is more arrogant – these self-worshipping, intolerant Angry Atheists, or the insane Fundamentalists whose worldview they insist on applying to everyone who doesn’t agree with them. (Because of course, the world ONLY contains those two viewpoints. There is no possibility of religion or philosophy or spirituality containing anything else. Nope, you’re either a complete materialist or a raving snake-handler. Nothing else exists.)


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