Porque a Nova Visao do Mundo ( Matrix/DNA Theory) E` a Filha do Casamento Entre Religiosos e Materialistas


Scientific Lee, um militante defensor da crenca em um mundo cientifico sob o controle de um onipotente Deus cristao, postou em sua pagina (

https://plus.google.com/u/0/+ScientificLee/posts ), um comentario, o qual suscitou minha resposta e este artigo:


Scientific Lee

Shared publicly  –  8:49 AM – 8/8/2015

I was slow in school…and I would not get the info that was explained.
I would raise my hand and say
“I don’t understand and I have a question because there are two answers”
I was told…
“no, there is one answer , learn it”

and so I was made to be the stupid one for asking questions.

another example of parrots in charge of pirates.

as I have solidly proven with God’s direction.

Questions make a man more informed.
apparently not.
questions mean you are STUPID in this day and age….
a parrot told you so.

E minha resposta:

Louis Charles Morelli

9:30 AM – 8/8/2015
It is not only in this day and age, Mr.Lee. At those 2.000 years when humanity was ruled by deists, it was worst. You couldn’t asking a question in the religious’ dominated universities against the mainstream, you would be burned in fire. But…

You knows the universal natural law of duality and balance. Every time Nature creates a new shape of more complex system, it begins with the universal duality,  the conflict between the two extremes alternatives: the conflict that sometimes put the hottest at dominance and the cool as recessive. After a time, the coolest becomes the dominant, then, the hot is recessive. After long time in this war, both learn that they are being stupid, because the conflict generates the chaos around them, which prejudices both. Then they begins to approximate, entering in agreement, marriage, and from this marriage is born the third alternative. The equilibrium. The son is allays more complex, more evolved, than the ancestors.

So, at its beginnings, the human beings’ mind was mystical, religious, magical thinking, like any child have a ghost and invisible friend with who it can talking. This was an extreme alternative. Then, at the Enlightenment, the opposite, the pure materialism came to dominance. It is the other extreme and wrong alternative, which still dominates universities today.
But, above the good and the bad, there is the wisdom, and it is time to the wisdom birth, the new age.

Look to the Matrix/DNA world view. It is a total revolution in human thought, but an opened door to deists and atheists, because it is the result, the son of the marriage between them. Here, questions are welcome. I am observing that yours electric universe and insights about DNA has lots to see with Matrix/DNA. Keep the good work, we are watching you. Cheers,…