Discutem se Devemos Eliminar Todas as Racas de Predatores… O que voce opina?


Primeiro artigo que abriu a serie de artigos e papers:

To truly end animal suffering, the most ethical choice is to kill wild predators (especially Cecil the lion)


onde tem o interessante video de leoes matando uma bufala e seu filhote.

Dramatic Lion Hunt: Lions Stalk And Kill Buffalo Cow & Newborn Calf !!



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I am horrified at what goes on in philosophy departments, personally



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Longer and wronger

Jefferson McMahan


Debate no Pharyngula: (http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2015/09/11/longer-and-wronger/#comment-844796

Louis Charles Morelli

New York – USA

September 13, 2015

Nobody trying to analyze this beyond human perspective? From a universal perspective?

Painful predation only exists at regions/times of Nature in state of chaos and chaos under entropy. Under ordered state, there is predation at its phase of formation, but neither predator nether pray percepts it. It is the case when each adult eat a child, like a teenage disappearing inside an adult, or a planet inside a star. It is the normal flow of vital cycle that transforms the shapes of systems.

From each state of chaos, lift up the state of order, till the transformation/mutation/transcendence to a more complex system, this way evolution walks. This terrestrial biosphere is product of chaos that succeeded the state of order of the system that created life here, the Milk Way, which entropy radiates through stars, like our Sun. So we are the sons of chaos, the entire biosphere. The Law says that it must lift up the flow of order, which will exterminate any kind of violence, like the painful predation. We could be the agents of this flow; if we don’t do that, Nature will do by any way. But, we have been doing it, like the domestication of wild dogs, cats.

But…. the transitions from chaos to order takes long time, almost in astronomical scale. That’s why we are not finding a quickly solution for eliminating the pain: the ecosystem obeys the natural law, so, the transformation must be slow. I have a suggestion how to do the best we can do now, but, there are others elements to be remembered. One is:

Humans has inherited the duality “criminal predator/inertial victim” from the inferior animals. So, we created several social systems based on the rules of the jungle. Then we have the big predators animals/the billionaire class of humans; the medium animals predators/ the class media of humans, and the animals preys/humans that are vampirized in theirs energy through hard labor. So, we are trying to perpetuate the chaos state because the high and the media class – who has the real power – never will be motivated for eliminating predation because they have the instinct of privileged predation into their blood, from where emerges their moral codes. Eliminating predation in this planet should be the whishes of workers under lower wagers, but they have the instinct of inertia/prey encrypted into their blood, which turns them blind to the success of the force of majority. A force that begins its essay when emerges from buffalos attacking lions in group.

So, the first thing to do for to facilitate the transition from chaos to order, while Nature is waiting and giving an opportunity to us, is attacking the instinct of painful predation/inertial prey that is encrypted into our genetics and is ruler of ours neurons. . As said Dawkins, we need a war against our selfish gene.. These genes can be mutated by transformations of the internal brain’s environment. And inside Matrix/DNA Theory we know how to do it, how re-wire neuronal connections. But…. this is a long issue and I must finish this post., if not,, I will stimulate the predation instinct of PZ Myers and he will eat ( banning) my post again.

Resposta de Has:


September 13, 2015

Okay, so who let the Markov chain out?


Minha resposta para Has ( o assunto Markov me levou a abrir novo artigo aqui chamado: Acaso versus Ordem da Luz: Matematico Markov Chain by Randoness

Louis Morelli

New York – USA

September 13, 2015

Oh,… the Mathematicians! But, the Markov chain is a sub or by-product included in my post’s first phrase: ” Painful predation only exists at regions/times of Nature in state of chaos and chaos under entropy”. The effects of Markov chain are seen at short times, but, natural selection as the agent of the big system where the random effect is occurring will null it or will include it into the tree’s trunk of evolution – if so, it will be about longer time –  if the event fits with the system evolutionary functionality. Markov based on statistics of random events due interactions of state spaces does not apply to the understanding of biological predation, because we know the causes are not by chance.

I am horrified at what goes on these nowadays non-naturalistic philosophy departments, these exceeding masturbations confusing short processes with whole large systems at Mathematics departments, and these reductive but absently systemic method at Biology departments, personally.

Yes, the Markov chain is responsible for some effects of chaotic states, and so, predation phenomena, thanks by mentioning it – it will take my free Sunday researching Markov philosophy and the foundations of the magical thinking that believes in a world ruled by chance. I would appreciate to debate with you today ( since that you would be an advocate of Math and yours beliefs that it applies to depredation), because I will have questions that will be hard to find today in my books and Internet.

But in parallel, on this Sunday I will doing another research related to predation, based on Matrix/DNA world view. Based on Matrix’s formula for perfect natural systems we can search solutions for to diminishes the carnage. First we need to understand how chaos creates concrete tools ( like the strong winds) for expressing its elementary forces. Then we need to know the causes that living systems are conducted by bad ways to be predators. Some elements are being studied right by now: ( next post only for Matrix/DNA students)


Este post nao foi enviado ao Pharyngula:

About predation, for Matrix/DNA:

1) Predation is like cholesterol: it normally is useful, a benefit, but can be transformed into a prejudice, if the chaos forces rules a system or/and its enviroment. In Matrix formula we see the good predation as when any function of the left side disappears because is transformed into the next function ( the adult eat the child for to existe) for the system to grow. Another predator identified at the right side of the formula is Function 7, which has the mission to cleaning the system. This function is the creator of livers in human systems, the lisossomes or some vesicles at cell systems, etc.  It happens that the right side is the side where entropy begins and goes strong till killing the system. Then, the bigger predators of biosphere are performing this function, but in a wrong way: while the formula predator in state of order cleans the system from dusty and enemies, the predator at chaotic state clean the system from cows and other preys. It seems that predators in biosphere are the antibodies, the soldiers for defense of the vegetal world, which enemy are the preys. But, while we need to keep the vegetal world, we must not permit that the vegetal world dominates over Earth, since that the vegetable cell is a lost evolutionary element due it mimicking the aspect of closed system from its creator.

2) Narwhals is a good sample. The most conspicuous characteristic of the male narwhal is a single long tusk, a canine tooth that projects from the left side of the upper jaw, through the lip and forms a left-handed helix spiral ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narwhal). So, among the wales ( as the good cholesterol) one of them has becoming the predator, the bad cholesterol.. Why? Narwhals are often killed by suffocation when the sea ice freezes over and another cause of fatality, specifically among young whales, is starvation. The artic environment is bad for those that doesn’t do immigration in time, which means chaos for the survivors. Always when a living system is claiming, its genetic stuff is  searched for any registered mechanism that could be used for developing and adding a new accessory. It means that the Matrix/DNA formula, as the building block of DNA, is searched ( have you noticed that the spiral shape of the formula is also expressed by the tusks?). Tusks, as  the canines’ felines, is expression of the mechanism performed by Functions 4 and 5. It is the same function that gave its mechanism to the first living being for getting self-motion and produced the cilia. Arms are developed cilias for picking up food, as canines and  tusks.

The Artic ecosystem as part of chaotic state reaches its picks and its forces begins to die, going to be freezer, as any other chaotic system that arrives at Function 7. In this point, its pull to die also its products, one of them is the narwhals. So, when the inoffensive whales ancestors of narwhal were under starvation it was ready to be transformed into  the “bad cholesterol” of Artic ecosystem. The Function seven at theirs DNA building block was activated, and so we have a predator and  tusks.

But, the notable tusk is one, and from the left side. Observing matrix formula we see that appendices like cylias and tusks are produced at   Function 4 in the left side of the formula. The F4 is the function  that performs the male counterpart in this hermaphrodite formula. So, now we understand why the larger tusk is a trait of male narwhals. It was easy for them than to females, due genetics.

There is a scientific study related to how the canines develops in felines. It took about three years for reaching the  final size. We could slowly alliterating the genes for this grow, and then, transforming carnivores into vegetarians. Merely a random idea occurring now…


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Dramatic Lion Hunt: Lions Stalk And Kill Buffalo Cow & Newborn Calf !!


What says the creationists about this? The lions are beasts, they were created by God, so, God watches this and do nothing, because God is a beast too? Our biosphere is product of the Nature’s half-face of chaos, while the other half-face, the state of order, is only for astronomical systems in the sky. Why the chaos came to the young Earth, when there was no life here? The Matrix/DNA Theory found the answer. It was due a big sin from one of our ancestors. At that time – about 10 or 13 billion years ago – there were no galaxies yet. The most evolved, most complex natural system, were the light gaseous atoms. They were opened systems. But their offspring ( gaseous stars) became closed systems, closing the doors to evolution, and this was the sin, the extreme expression of selfishness, and from that ancestors we got the selfish gene.

The nebulae of gaseous atoms created only gaseous stars, but then, at the middle of dark matter were the waves of electromagnetic radiation, the radiant energy, that we can call ” light”. Light is a phenomena almost living, their sequences of frequencies/vibrations are the same sequences of a human body which also propagates in time and space since that are born. So, the natural pure light that emerged here together with the Big Bang already contained the vital principle, the force that imprints movements, dynamics and the vital cycle into inertial mass or dark matter. It came from outside and before this Universe. From what? One says that was God, the Matrix/DNA says that it was a natural conscious systems that are being reproduced inside this Universe-like-placenta by genetic process.

The vital cycle was inserted upon those stars and making them to change shapes, generating the shapes of quasars, pulsars, brown dwarf, supernovas, black holes, planets, etc. Like the vital cycle inserted into a human body makes it changing shapes, like baby, child, teenager, adult, senior, etc. But, then, these shapes has the tendency to bend with theirs neighbors shapes in that sequence, so, emerged a line of lined bodies in the same sequence of light. So, the ex-machine light got a working opened system. They were the first primordial galaxies, formed by symbiosis, like the first living cell.

But… this opened system was dominated by the dark matter, while the energy carried by light waves are weak. And matter has as supreme goal the eternal thermodynamic equilibrium. So, what these systems did? They connected the initial and end point of the circuital line, becoming a sphere, a perfect closed system, the most perfect machine that Nature without light can do. They cut off relations with the world, dreaming that they would be eternal perpetual motors. If you see this system’s picture at Matrix/DNA website, you will understand that those systems created for themselves the real Paradise.

But… galaxies dominated by dark matter are not the strongest thing in this Universe.  The Universe by itself is  bigger and stronger and the Universe has light also. So, something started the application of Clausius Law, the second law of thermodynamics, measured by entropy. This force leads ordered systems to chaos and death. Under entropy those systems began the fragmentation, from the surface towards their nucleous. The degenerated mass gave freedom to the particles of light, the photons. And the photons, as light’s particles, have also the vital principle.

Those photons was driven to the nucleus also, but when they reach any astronomical body in their way, they are aggregated to that bodies. If the planet has good conditions for life and enough number of photons meet there, they rebuild the system where they came from, like living genes. The initial conditions are very hard due the they are coming from chaos and the host system is under chaos. . But at Earth and several planets in the whole Universe they got the first cell system, the first living being.

So, here emerged this biosphere, where we see lions assassins like beasts killing a mother and her baby. These scenes only happens where three are chaos. . We are  product, the sons of chaos, but we are the continuation of that closed system that practiced that big mistake, the original sin. We are paying the price, we are here for cleaning from our genetics that selfishness.

So, we must be agents of order, we need combat chaos and bringing on here the state of order.. No violence of any kind should be permitted. So, my suggestion is taking out all preys from a region of Amazon jungle, driven them to a safe place, and putting there all predators, all assassins, all those that are cause of suffering to any creature. Put lions with crocodiles and anacondas and scorpions together and they will kike being victim of violence.

We have biological sciences for solving the  problems that could arise from these predators’ expulsion, like the maintenance of natural food chain, the super population of preys, the humans as carnivore, etc. Matrix/DNA is creating  genetically modified animals that has no nervous systems, they are like machines made off by meat and blood, so, the human carnivores are safe.

And to those that are commenting here advocating that this scene is right, If I see he/she being eaten by lions, instead killing the lions first I would ask to him/her: ” Oh, you  were ok with a world composed with predators and preys.  Are you changing yours opinion just now?! But… I am appreciating the coordinated movements of these hunters lions! Keep calm, leave them do their job”.

Be with the Light and not with the darkness. The Light here is the weakest,  but it is like the Windows, the ex-machine software, the ex-machine soul, while the stronger material hardwires always goes to garbage by entropy.


Pesquisa sobre predacao:

Caninos, ou presas, um fenomeno notavel na predacao, e traduzido por: “tusk”, no caso dos ferroes e pontas do peixe-espada, e the canine teeth, also called cuspids, dog teeth, fangs, or (in the case of those of the upper jaw) eye teeth


Pontiagudos e em forma de lança, os caninos são os mais fortes da boca. Sua função é basicamente dilacerar o alimento. Por essa razão, também são chamados de presa quando aparecem na arcada dentária da maioria dos animais onívoros e carnívoros. Não à toa, eles são os famosos dentes super desenvolvidos dos vampiros e o nome “canino” vem mesmo da presa de animais, como cães e lobos. No caso deles, o alimento é diretamente ingerido depois de passar pelos dentes caninos já que o estômago desses animais libera ácidos para digerir com maior facilidade. Como nosso estômago não é tão ácido, é preciso passar pelo processo de trituração realizado pelos outros dentes.

Por exemplo: urso, lobo e raposa, os quais, justamente por serem onívoros, usam seus caninos para matar, dilacerar sua caça e engolir seus pedaços sem mastigar, pois possuem grande acidez estomacal para dissolver os pedaços. Diferente dos humanos que possuem baixa acidez estomacal, precisando assim, mastigar o alimento.

O canino pode ser uma característica do dimorfismo sexual em algumas espécies, podendo ser muito maior em machos ( confirmando que vem de F4) (inferior, superior ou ambos) do que em fêmeas, que por sua vez podem apresentar presas menores ou nenhuma presa. Isso pode ser observado em alguns antílopes, em cervos, camelos, cavalos, javalis, em vários macacos, focas e morsas, entre outros


Narwhals ( Narval)

Narwal brehm.jpg

This narwhal skull has double tusks, a rare trait in narwhals. Usually, males have a single long tusk, the canine on the left side of the upper jaw.

The most conspicuous characteristic of the male ( FUNCAO 4) narwhal is a single long tusk, a canine tooth[13][14] that projects from the left side (FUNCAO 4)of the upper jaw, through the lip and forms a left-handed helix spiral ( Funcao 1 mas como e’ left, termina com F4).

Narwhals can live up to 50 years old. They are often killed by suffocation when the sea ice freezes over. ( presence de caos ambiente, porem quando o caos chega a Funcao 7, e esta sendo resfriado. Isto mostra como um caotico produto ( a baleia) e’ eliminado quando comeca a transicao de caos para ordem.)

Another cause of fatality, specifically among young whales, is starvation. ( este o forte estimulo que leva um Sistema natural, vivo, a acionar e expresser a formula de Sistema encriptada em sua genetica, para procurer ali um existente mecanismo que possa ser aplicado para resolver sua situacao de sobrevivencia. Neste caso foi acionado o mecanismo que gera cilios, que vem de F4 e F1, expressado em F5 como a cauda dos cometas. Entao o caos ambiente produz efeitos que sao forcas caoticas, como sao as presas dos felinos. Enquanto isso, os randomnistas acreditam que as presas sao efeitos do acaso, ou seja, surgiram devido ao estado atual de um Sistema e seu espaco. porque nao conhecem as verdadeiras causas que produzem este efeito. E preciso descobrir como a ordem dos felinos foi formada dentro da cadeia alimentar, e o fato da forte acidez estomacal ( acido e um produto caotico) mais os caninos signigficam que foi todo um conjunto, um Sistema, que se originou e sedimentou dentro do estado de caos.

Mortality often occurs when the narwhals suffocate after they fail to leave before the surface of the Arctic waters freeze over in the late autumn.[10][33] Open water is formed in ice-covered water by fracturing events induced by strong winds, but when these conditions are absent ice can quickly form. ( winds sao phenomenos criados pelo caos, e uma das principais forcas do caos. uando o vento comeca a diminuir significa que o caos esta morrendo e com sua morte ele arrasta seus produtos, como a narwhals.  The last major entrapment events occurred when there was little to no wind. Narwhals are mammals and need air to breathe, so when open water is no longer accessible and the ice is too thick for them to break through, they can drown


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