DNA Fantasma no Espelho: Transmitindo Informação Através de Buracos de Minhoca

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The Ubiquity of the Consciousness, Universal consciousness and DNA matrix


The Russian scientists discovered that human DNA creates vacuum morphological patterns, and produces so-called magnetic “wormholes”. These are the microscopic equivalents of the famous “bridges” Einstein-Rosen found near the black cosmic holes, which connect two very distant points, creating a shortcut.
They are like tunnels with ends in different parts of the universe through which information can be transmitted beyond the laws of space and time. DNA draw information this way and deliver it to our consciousness. It something like a multiple resonator, like a radio able to receive more than one frequency.
This process is extremely efficient in a state of deep relaxation. Stress, worries or a hyperactive mind will obstruct this process and information received are distorted and useless. Nature uses this kind of communication for million years. Modern man knows only a part of it, known as intuition.
An example from the nature: in an ant-hill, if the queen is spatially separated from the colony, the ants continue to build everything as planned initially. But if the queen is killed, the entire activity in the ant colony stops. No ant knows what do to anymore. It seems that the queen transmits to the ants what and how to do, through the group consciousness so ants listen blindly, as if ants don’t have its own consciousness.

Oops… Teoria Da Matriz/DNA: um sistema deixa de funcionar se a “alma do sistema”  (que é aquele excesso de informação que sobra quando se subtrai todas as informações das partes somadas) for eliminada ou paralizada. Aqui está surgindo uma nova pista: a rainha parece ser a incorporação dessa alma dos sistemas.

Humans experience this kind of hyper communication when one have an intuition or inspiration. For months, a 42 years old man was dreaming every night that he is connected to an information system like a CD-ROM. This way, verifiable knowledge of diverse areas, have been transmitted, and he is check it every morning. A real waterfall of information – like an encyclopedia! The majority of them were outside his personal sphere of knowledge and reached technical details that he knew nothing about.
This kind of hyper communication generates spectacular effects, both in DNA and in human being.

Russian researches have irradiated a sample of DNA with laser light, and on the screen of the device appeared the waveform that was expected. When they removed the DNA sample, waveform has not disappeared, but continued to exist! Several such experiments have shown that waveform is generated by the sample, whose energy field remains. This effect was called the effect  “phantom DNA” – “microscopic wormholes”.

It says that the energy outside the ordinary space and time continue to “flow” through “wormholes”, even after the DNA sample is removed from experiment. The side effect observed is that around human being capable of hyper communication were detected such inexplicable electromagnetic fields.
Electronic devices like CD players or similar may cease to function for several hours.  As the electromagnetic field begins to disappear, these devices return to normal function. Many healers and therapists are aware of these effects for a long time. As the atmosphere is charged and the energy is higher, the chances for the device to stop becomes higher.
In the book “Vernetzte Intelligenz” (Connected Intelligence), Grazyna Gosar and Franz Bludorf explain these phenomena very clearly and precisely. They cite sources from the past that say the humanity was very closely connected, as well as other forms of life, connected to group consciousness and act as a group. But to experience the individual consciousness, people have to forget about hyper communication almost entirely. At this point, the level of humanity, the individual consciousness is relatively stable, and it can be created a new form of group consciousness, really high, in which we can all have access to information through the  biological resonator present in every cell of our body – DNA – without being forced or manipulated from distance about the information itself.

Like the internet, our DNA is able to transmit its own information in this vast network that is life, is able to receive information from the network and is able even to establish direct contacts with other participants of the network. Miraculous healing from distance, telepathy, clairvoyance can be this way, explained easily and naturally.

Isto reinforça esta teoria do DNA sendo uma das formas da Matriz Universal

 For example, some pets will know in advance when their owner return home. This can be explained based on hyper communication and group consciousness. Any collective consciousness cannot be used indefinitely without an individual consciousness. Otherwise, we would return to a primitive state where the herd instinct is easily manipulated.
Hyper communication at this point means something quite different: researchers say that if people (who have an individual consciousness) will find their access to group consciousness will then have superhuman powers of creation and they will be able to shape the entire life on Earth.
The fact is that humanity is clearly heading towards such superior group consciousness. It is estimated that 50% of children born now will have big problems at school. They are known as “indigo children”, named this way because of their aura that indicates a higher consciousness and exemplary purity.
Researches of group consciousness came with theory named “Type I civilization”. A humanity that passed to the upper group consciousness, a humanity with no environmental problems nor lack of energy. They have a natural and normal control over all energies and processes across the globe. This includes control over any disaster! And a “Civilization of type II” could have full control over the energy of the galaxy.

Translated by Nicoleta Patrascu