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A Guerra Materialista Contra a Auto-consciencia: O Cogumelo que Transformou o Cérebro do Macaco?

quarta-feira, janeiro 18th, 2017


Graham Hancock sempre foi um escritor e jornalista famoso, mas agora esta causando polêmica com sua teoria sobre as origens da auto-consciência. Ele esteve no Peru tomando ayuhaska ( Santo Daime?) com xamans, teve suas experiencias alucinógenas e elaborou esta teoria pela qual esta’ militando agora. E’ uma interessante e plausível teoria, mas está sendo combatida pelo pessoal do materialismo ortodoxo que acredita nem existir consciencia, e sim um fenômeno produzido pelo cérebro, por acaso. Porém, eu também estive com xamãs, também observei os efeitos destes alucinógenos nos xamãs, e com minha teoria diferente tenho alguns senões os quais foram publicados no vídeo do Youtube e copiado abaixo:

BANNED TALK Graham Hancock The war Over Consciousness

Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – jan-01/18/2017

My experiences in Amazon jungle watching shamans drinking the beverage called Saint Daime gave me a different theory. At altered state of mind, he described what was seeing and feeling and I wrote and draw the images. My surprise is that the drawing showed the figures of chakras and kundalini, but it was the same image of DNA. Also, flying colored microscopic lizards were the same diagrams of particles physics, more exactly, photons.

Since that I was investigating the systems that composes the Amazon biosphere and got a constant pattern – which I call Matrix/DNA formula for all natural systems – and the formula lead me to compose different atomic and astronomic theoretical models, I think that the hallucinogenic substance makes the brain revealing to consciousness what is registered at our DNA. But not only the registration of our human DNA, and so, the registration of a universal Matrix/DNA that is 13,8 billion years old.

Why and how native people that never left jungle, the American continent, describes images and histories described by the founders of I Ching which are the same images and history at the Genesis, in the Bible? And all of them, all these images, are just the DNA that are at the center of our neurons? If my theoretical models of atoms and galaxies are the right ones, how those people described those models?

To me the answer is clear: atoms and the Milk Way are our ancestrals same way that are reptiles and mammals, so, they are registered at our memories ( My bet is the junk DNA). The modern materialism is the product of inherited genetics from the system/ancestral surrounding us, which created us, and it is described by Newtonian mechanics: this astronomic system. It is a closed system. The whole biosphere is driving to reproduce biologically our flesh/meat creator. so, the goal is to reduce human kind as a common piece of the final machine ( The Brave New World under the Big Brother which will play the rules of the astronomic system non-conscious identity). That’s why they are trying to eliminate the essence of consciousness.

The problem is that consciousness is coming from beyond and before the formation of this galaxy, it was sleeping at atoms, dreaming at galaxies, began waking up at plants and animals and is now a kind of embryo waken up at human beings. And it is an opened system, then, there is the conflict with our immediate creator. Our flesh meat body is the last generation of a universal systemic hardware while our mind is a universal evolving software.

I spent seven years in Amazon jungle but never smoking or drinking those hallucinogenic because I believe that my mind is the unique thing that I have in fact and I never will permit that nobody with religions and no plants with their temptations get the control of my mind. I knew how to hypnotize the shamans and getting what they was experiencing, or better, I could drive them to see what I want. I think Mr. Hancock did it wrong smoking/drinking drugs and my advise to you is avoiding these strange chemicals. The description of the Eden Paradise, with all its symbols – like Adam and Eve, the serpent, the apple, etc._ is just the exactly description of the galactic anatomy and state of existence. It was/is our creator and ancestral.

So, we know the source that was the foundations of all these bigger religions: our non-biological memories triggered as non-sense flashes by chemical substances. And their wrong interpretations because the authors of the Eden and the chakras and kundalini did not know about DNA. ( if someone wish to know more about my research and theoretical results search ” The Universal Matrix for natural Systems and Life’s Cycles). It is food for thought. Cheers…


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Louis Charles Morelli – jan-01/19/2017
We need understand the deep roots of this war over consciousness. Who banned Mr. Hancock? My theory is that it comes from the animals instincts we inherited, and these animal instincts comes from this astronomic system that created us, which has the tendency to be closed system. Think about a big predator, to say, lions. They are the strongest, they are the kings, they reached the super-specialized state of existence. So, they are conservator, don’t want any change or perturbation in their territory and over their preys, which are working transforming plants into meat. They would fight any smaller predator (wolves, foxes,etc.) or any preys could bring perturbation due reaching some intelligence or consciousness.
This instinct is in our genetic and are very strong in some individuals, which composes the 1%, or the wrong called high class. Add to them those medium predators that works keeping the preys controlled and the territory safe. There are lots of them at the education system. They do not want any change in the status quo. They has the tendency to be a closed system in itself, the extreme expression of selfishness. They hate the idea that something could came from unknown natural dimensions, like the kings dinosaur hated the meteorite that came from the sky. Then, they want to believe that consciousness is merely a product of the brain, a natural thing that can be controlled.
But… every time that a human embryo reaches 6 or 8 months, consciousness emerges in a new brain. We know that it is not each brain inventing first time in the Universe, this phenomena. Consciousness was there before the fecundation outside the embryo’s little universe, was there at the fecundation moment ( the embryo’s big bang), it was sleeping at the morula phase, the blastula phase, was dreaming at the fetus phase, hidden in the embryos genetics. These non biological ancestrals were systems and systems has an individual identity, which is set of informations from the sum of informations of all parts plus the informations arising by the connections among the parts and interactions with environment. This identity works as software, while the physics structures are the hardware. generations of hardwares goes to garbage but the software survives and keeps evolving. Our mind or consciousness is the state of this universal software just now.
The history of this Universe – 13,8 billion years – is the history of a unique natural system. It was an atom, then, a stellar system, then, a galactic system, later was reproduced as a cell system, today is a brain system, and now it is going to be a consciousness system. It is still an embryo inside humans heads ( and all other possible intelligent life in this universe). To this universal system, 13,8 billion years is what 8 months seems to human beings. Consciousness was sleeping at atoms, dreaming at galaxies, began waking up at plants and animals, and is am embryo beginning to lift up at human beings. An like our history, it was there, at the Big Bang, and before it, as consciousness was here at Earth, inside our species and parents heads, it was inside some ex-machine natural system. The big predators can produce an abortion of this embryo, if the human specie will be extinct before our cosmological adventure. That’s why we need fighting who is fighting consciousness.
Ok, this is my theory – like Mr. Hancock has his one and the materialists has their, a valid one – which is detailed explained at my website, but I don’t believe in it, I am continuing my search and testing my models against real facts, and I could be totally wrong,… but I think it makes more rational sense