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Afinal de Contas, Porque Existe “Beleza” na Natureza? A Matrix/DNA Pesquisa e Opina

quarta-feira, maio 31st, 2017


Artigo na secao de Ciencias do New York Times inicia fazendo a pergunta acima, a qual, por certo, e’ uma questao filosofica relacionada ao existencial. Porem, lancada a questao no meio academico que vaga em meio `a mentalidade reducionista, ainda, ignoram a filosofia e o aspect existencial para falarem dos efeitos da beleza entre passaros e demais animais. reudzindo o assunto para o planeta Terra e suas producoes. Este desvio comum no pensamento moderno me incomoda porque nos desvia do caminho do conhecimento veridico, por isso elaborei um comentario `as pressas sem antes consultar a formula da Matrix/DNA e postei na pagina do Facebook do New York Times, o qual vai copiado abaixo.

Registro aqui o link para o artigo porque esta questao e’ uma questao a ser pensada e pesquisada pela Matrix/DNA:

Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli


Beauty is not a property of life or biology: it was existing billion years before life’s origins. At an astronomic system and its mechanistic counterpart of reproduction, the body that performs the female sexual function ( the black-white hole) is surrounded by the most brilliant body – a quasar – which is the final target of the male genome ( comets) emitted by the body that performs male function ( the pulsar). Pulsars does not see beauty, black-white holes does not makes effort to be beautiful creating quasars, but, indeed, the sexual activity happens and the attractive factor – the quasar or female ornament – is beautiful and is part of it. The article begins asking “why is there beauty after all” and then, it forgets this question and goes talking about birds and terrestrial biological evolution. The answer to that question must be at universal nature, inserting cosmological evolution, not resumed to Earth and its traits. Sad reductionism. In this way we never will find the answer to that question. Have you noticed that the patterns, colors, of feathers resembles the figure of molecules, DNA, or, another words, images that mimics the images of things inside the brain of these creatures? If so, is not beauty the cause of selection and so, the interaction between what is inside one partner with the image of what is outside of the other partner. It means that – as happens with our ancestors astronomic systems – there is no beauty, but molecular or atomic self-identification generating levels of self-values. But, I think the final answer is related to light frequencies and vibrations of states of chaos (ugly productions) and state of order (beauty productions), hat underlies our visible world, so, we can’t answer it now.