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Veja video: Bicicleta Motorizada Movida a Agua Inventada por Brasileiro? Deu na Internacional.

domingo, julho 26th, 2015


A noticia esta causando polemica internacional, mas o mais curioso e` a explicacao que encontrei para explicar o fenomeno ao consultar a formula da Matrix/DNA, a qual vai copiada abaixo:

Miracle motorbike that goes 500km… on a liter of water! (VIDEO)

A Brazilian man, Ricardo Azevedo from Sao Paulo, has shown off his wonder bike to the world. The magic machine can travel up to 500 kilometers on a liter of water. © RT / Ruptly

Mas como se pode ver nos comentarios que seguem o artigo, os vigilantes arautos da engenharia academica universitaria ja pularam na frente com sete pedras na mao dizendo que o homem e` mentiroso e isto e` uma farsa. Porque a experiencia nao bate com a teoria. Eu nao sei nao…

E meu comentario postado naqueles meios de comunicacao:

The explanation is that the interval between two explosions take more time than the common gasoline based motor. Then, one explosion pushes the bicycle moving ahead and the explosion stops. The bicycle moves by inertia. When moving, the bicycle is recharging the battery. When the bicycle is almost stopping, new explosion pushes it again. In this way the bicycle does not get too much speed, but can go far away… The explosion by gasoline happens fast moving the bicycle even when on inertia, which is a waste of fuel, but, get more power and speed. Ok, I am not a technician and I don’t know if this is the explanation but I have a resource for analyzing it that nobody else have: the natural formula for closed systems, called Matrix/DNA. A natural closed systems is based on a circuit like a snake swelling its own tail, but, with an advice more, which makes it self-recycling. The energy begins to flow in the spherical circuit with, let`s say 200 watts. When it arrives at the middle of the circuit, the energy is shared into two branches, each with 100 watts. One branch will continuing the spherical circuit till reaching the end, which is connected with the beginning. The other branch falls directly internally the sphere towards the beginning, waiting the other branch to arrive, making 200 watts again and returning to run. So, the closed systems really dies at every cycle, but the 100 watts running entropically by inertia means that the spherical circuit is resuscitated when meeting the other branch. So, this man, without knowing the Matrix/DNA formula could be applying it very well. The unique event when Nature could make a perfect closed system was when it built the building block of galaxies systems. That’s why galactic systems seems to be almost eternal. And the mechanism of dividing and reunifying the flow is the hermaphrodite mechanism.If you want to know the formula copy and paste n Google: “The Universal Matrix for Natural Systems and Life’s Cycles”. But, first of all, we need  confirmation that the water alone is doing this job.


Interessantes comentarios:

dis gusting 19 hours ago
Yuri Felshtinsky

What? I am not a genius, I do have two degrees of university, one of computer science the other of applied mathematics, both were through the universitys school of engineering. I had to take lots of science, chemistry and math for my pre-classes, it could be because of English may be but I think what you says here has no thought and is just rambles of science words you have heard before.more…

Dis Gusting:
So you two have degrees, so what? Thomas Alva Edison had only primary education. He went to become who found the DC current, electric bulb and battery. Locomotive was found by a mine worker. In modern times, Bill Gates who was a high school achiever went to find Windows. There are very few people who had degree invented anything new. Just because one have a degree would not make those smarter. This guy might have found something that the professors might have missed because they think their thinking capacity is different from ordinary men.
Darth Vader yesterday at 08:30
Tesla found the way how to use energy form the SUN! Limitless and free energy for all mankind on the Earth… And he was named as the crazy old man… 1 century later you have Tesla cars, and they used batteries! Tesla wanted to build antennas and transformers on any device that need electricity to work, that is free wireless energy for all mankind! Again, 1 century later scientists “”found” that kind of technology… Tesla was so far ahead of his time, and for me he is way ahead of present time…