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Climate change: greenhouse gas emissions by sector

quarta-feira, fevereiro 20th, 2019


Green House Gaz Emission by Sector


” … It’s not realistic to think that people will simply stop using fertilizer, running cargo ships, building offices, or flying airplanes. Nor is it fair to ask developing countries to curtail their growth for the sake of everyone else. For example, for many people in low- and middle-income countries, cattle are an essential source of income and nutrients.

Part of the solution is to invest in innovation in all five sectors so we can do these things without destroying the climate. We need breakthrough inventions in each of the grand challenges…”

Mudanca Climatica ( Climate Change): O que precisamos saber agora

quinta-feira, abril 26th, 2018


A mudanca climatica nao vai simplesmente engolir nossas cidades, escurecer nosso ceu e estrelas com poluicao, derreter o gelo nos polos e tornar nossos oceanos acidos. Ela fara tudo isso, para ser claro. Mas ela cobrara’ ainda um custo mais dramatico no bem-estar do mundo inteiro, incluindo nossa saude mental ( Climate change isn’t just going to sink our cities, obscure our skylines and stars withpollution, melt glaciers and make our oceans more acidic. It will do all those things, to be clear. But it will also take a dramatic toll on the entire world’s well-being, including our mental health.)

Em vista disso, e porque a Matrix/DNA nao ter nenhum artigo ate agora sobre este assunto, fazemos aqui um pequenos levantamento de pricipais e mais resumidos artigos publicados. Vamos comecar pelo basico dos basicos:

We’re Not Even Talking About Some of the Most Devastating Effects of Climate Change


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