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Qual a fonte do melhor código moral? Deismo ou Ateismo? Nenhum dos dois… tem uma terceira alternativa melhor

sábado, agosto 25th, 2018


Os ateus, céticos, publicam este video como publicidade do seu código moral. Abaixo, minha resposta postada no link para o Google+:

Excuse me my two cents here. Nobody knows the Thru (if have one) and human species is like a bridge, dangerous crossing, because we does not know what the Universal Nature will approve or not. We need the most correct worldview possible to our poor and limited human brain, so, we must to listen all brains for getting it. It is unavoidable that each human be free to choose which seems the best worldview, so we need to accept that you are atheist, other is deist, etc. I prefer my own, which is called The Matrix/DNA Theory, which suggests that in this Universe is occurring a merely process of reproduction of the unknown thing that triggered the Big Bang. Then, here and now, Nature is building the last evolved shape of this thing being reproduced, which is consciousness. So, we, are 8 billions half-conscious genes building this embryo, each human is a unique, specific, unavoidable information. From here, I think, arises the best moral code, since we learn that we need each human being doing his/her supreme mission and it means freedom, egalitarian distribution of resources, etc. The problem is that we have inherited a body with a primary brain from non-rational animal ancestors, with instincts like tendency to be predator or prey, and this genetics, this selfish genes, need to be exorcised. So, yes, we need to criticize beliefs that generates moral codes based on primary instincts, like mystical religions that are products of infant, children psique that creates fantasies and talks to imaginary friends ghosts. But we heed also to criticize these instincts that kills all beliefs in something great than us, like non rational animals does. I am agnostic, I don’t understand and don’t know metaphysics, like if there are or doesn’t gods…