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Inteligencia Artificial na New York Academy of Sciences e meu e-mail sugerindo pautas

sexta-feira, abril 26th, 2019


Natural Language, Dialog and Speech (NDS) Symposium (NYAS)

(mandei este e-mail para o evento visando participar com uma stand. Checar respostas no e-mail desde 04/26 e checar meu dashboard, notifications)

The universal natural formula of all natural systems shows that our actual binary systems cannot learning humans properties, it is necessary a new different approach. What we are doing with the current approach is turning on, unconsciously, the biological brain into a mechanistic brain, instead the opposite that should be our goal. I am the unique man in this world that knows this formula, how to make interpretations from  it, trying to mimicking it technologically, as you can have a n initial idea seeing the formulas at my website .

Natural evolution is coming in  unique evolutionary lineage since 13,8 billion years ago. Errors in the current paradigm and approach are due also because a world view that separates biological from cosmological evolution, so, life, humans, biological evolution seems to be failed from skies by magical entities, be it gods or constructive randomness. This magical thinking never will lead our computation to learning humans. We discovered the evolutionary link between cosmological and biological, so, we have the knowledge how humans properties were already encrypted in the physic laws before life’s origins, and since we want to give life to our machines, we need know it.

Natural evolution has worked with two fronts since the Big Bang, one we can call it as hardware, the other, software. Exactly how we developed computation, natural evolution develops due feedback between this hardware and software. I am introducing the universal formula as a kind of simple algorithm where we can see the hardware and software at same time.      It happens that the universal formula has not two binary variables, but seven variables, and we can see them from atomic, astronomic, do DNA systems. Another big difference is that natural systems are based on the anatomy of light waves, which has encrypted the process of life’s cycles: any non-biological natural system is built by this living process. So, we need to transform our hardware, replacing pieces, following the natural model.

By the way, I think that my personal investigation lead me to final results that could be interesting to listen them. Since I am American citizen but most part of my life doing research at Amazon jungle,  ( English is not my native language, so, the errors here, sorry) and since I am living in New York, is you think it is good for you, I can build a stand with images in the corridors of the conference talking to people. Or another way you think about. I am sure the novelty of my approach is full of new insights that can boost the development of machine learning. Thanks… Louis Morelli (phone: xxxxxxxxx, e-mail : xxxxxxxxx

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