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What is consciousness, by Matrix/DNA Theory

domingo, abril 28th, 2019


The Matrix/DNA World View six cents here:

1) Mixing billions cells as mass, like a banana, does not produces thoughts and consciousness. But, when these biilions cells are organs and composes a system, then, yes. So, SYSTEMS is the key here. Ok, but, ants and bees societies are natural systems, and consciousness does not emerge from it. Why in one case it does and other it doesn’t? The answer must be: consciousness is under evolution. It is all about the level of complexity of natural systems. And consciousness is a new shape of natural system. Or, all natural systems are copies derived from a matrixial system, consciousness? Let’s see it…

2) Consciousness takes 6 or 8 months for emerging at an embryo. It took 13,8 billions years for emerging in a Universe. Matrix/DNA models are suggesting that in this Universe is occurring a natural genetic process of reproduction of the unknown thing that triggered the Big Bang, which was an event like fecundation. So, human embryogenesis is a micro cycle of cosmological embryogenese, the process is only one. 8 months for humans, 20 billion years for universes, no problem, it is a relativistic issue. But, it is not that each human embryo creates consciousness first time in this world. It was existing before its fecundation, at the human species, outside the little embryos`sac/universe. So, it is not that Universes creates consciousness, it must be existing before the Big Bang, outside this bubble/universe. The unknown thing must have consciousness.

3) Humans does not have consciousness, merely an embryo in formation. Consciousness must be a system, a complex system derived from the complex system that is human brain, like a human embryo mimics the mother body. The natural formula for systems shows that our is not a complete system yet, there is no full expression of right hemisphere, where some systemic functions lies. An embryo can not know what his parents are, and nothing about the parents` world. So, do not try to understand it. Our consciousness is an embryo that still does not have own eyes to see itself and make no idea what the shape its body is, neither knows the substance of its body.


4) Each thought shows same process of life`s cycle as any living being. You should know the universal natural formula for all natural systems for seeing it.Thoughts are living things, a new most evolved species that came from human species, by natural evolution. But, most of them has only half life. The reason is the same when the male bee falls death after a sexual intercourse. The flow of thought is born at hippocampus and goes upward by left and when arrives to neocortex it falls towards the hippocampus again, not going to right hemisphere. Few of them becomes conscious when makes the complete cycle. These will be stocked as memory.


Neuroscientists must apply optical physics and Matrix/DNA formula for to see “consciousness”

5) The dynamics of thoughts, the sequence of synapses, mimics the process of life`s cycle, so, thoughts are like living things. Life`s cycle was introduced into Nature by primordial light waves. You can see at the electromagnetic spectrum that light waves propagates in time/space same way that our bodies progates into time/space, included changing shapes. I said above that consciousness must be existente before the Universe origins. So, it came impregnated into a body, a light wave, which has life`s cycle, so, has the code for systems, aka, life. Consciousness was not expressed but sleeping at atoms systems as was sleeping at blastula, it was dreaming at galaxies as was dreaming at fetus, it began waking up at humans. So, you cannot explain consciousness naturalistically because it was here but not being expressed till now, same way you can not explain a working computer only by its hardware, but you can explain the evolution from the abacus to calculus manual machines till the first computer without softwares, they were not there. At that time, the software driven the evolution from the abacus was outside the machine, in the mind of humans. So, from amino acids till the first homo sapiens, consciousness was in the mind of who triggered the Big Bang. After that, evolution is a process of feedback between hardware ( physical systems) and software ( consciousness encrypted into a network of photons inside the brain, which are particles from the natural light). But, it is a very and living software with not two variables as binary systems, and so, with seven variables – the seven meaning shapes of light.

6) We, humans, are 8 billion half-conscious genes building an embryo inside our brain/placenta inside our head/egg. This embryo is not counciusness yet, it is merely a bit-information, or a tiny characteristic of a bigger embryo, which is being built by our trillions brothers genes spread in this Universe. Like all genes from your parents became a unique conscious being, a unique personality, all of us will be one, from the Big Bang to the day of the Big Birth. Things are so easy to understand…

Integrated Information Theory (IIT): Moderna Teoria Sobre Auto-Consciencia

sexta-feira, maio 12th, 2017


A Ciencia Moderna tem duas eleitas teorias sobre a consciência. Uma chama-se Espaco de Trabalho Global, desenvolvida pelo neurocientista Bernard Baars, do Instituto de Neurociências de La Jolla, Califórnia (EUA), sobre a qual escrevo outro artigo. A qui vamos tratar da outra teoria, a Teoria da Informação Integrada.

Phi, the symbol for integrated information.

Primeiro conhecimento da Teoria obtida no debate com vídeo  e participação do autor da teoria, Giulio Tononi, em:

Consciousness: Explored and Explained


Consciousness: Explored and Explained

My 2 comments posted at the video/YouTube:

Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli – 5/17/2017

Sir Giulio Tononi will advance his research if he learns about the universal formula discovered by matrix/DNA Theory for all natural systems, from atoms to galaxies to brains and probable, consciousness ( it must be a system also, and it must have a configuration that is the projection of the brain’s system). It is very hard dealing with systems without knowing what really is a system, why they exists and why they works the way they does. Nature has applied a formula for doing them and the formula explains everything. Integrated information, reducible mechanisms, everything are there, in the formula. How each part of a system is built by the same life’s cycle process, which are the specific universal function of each part, their locations and shapes, etc. For example, the identity of systems becomes very clear looking to the formula. But, just identity of systems is a good evidence that consciousness is an entity under evolution from systems to systems since the beginnings of time, before life’s origins.
Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli – 5/17/2017
Matter is able to become conscious of itself, alone? Every scientific work done about consciousness is like Integrated Information Theory. See the paper: it is hard work collecting natural phenomena related to what we think consciousness does, surrounding the phenomenon, but, as black holes, never reaching or touching or seeing it. No problem, this is the normal procedures in Science, it is the secret by which we had known invisible things. But, there is a belief driving the scientific investigation. That brains produces consciousness. Which means: matter can become conscious of itself. My question is: ” What if the belief is wrong? How much time, money, effort, we will loose? Which evidence or other natural parameter without the human brain we have for believing in this way? What if the knowledge of consciousness is only possible by a different scientific approach? At Matrix/DNA Theory, our theoretical models are suggesting that consciousness has nothing to do with the event of the Big Bang, but it was there, beyond and before the event. Like a human brain gets consciousness at 6 or 8 months at embryonary state but is no the brain creating consciousness first time in the world, it was existing before and beyond the little embryogenetic universe of the embryo, it was existing at potential state inside the genetics of the embryo, waiting the brain reaching the right level of complexity. So, it is we an our universe. Consciousness can flourish at any place where a natural system reaches such complexity, but, consciousness never will be explained while we are inside this universe. Which means that we must continuing these scientific efforts trying to know the effects of consciousness, not its explanation, origins, formation.


Integrated information theory (IIT) attempts to explain what consciousness is and why it might be associated with certain physical systems. Given any such system, the theory predicts whether that system is conscious, to what degree it is conscious, and what particular experience it is having (see Central Identity). According to IIT, a system’s consciousness is determined by its causal properties and is therefore an intrinsic, fundamental property of any physical system.[1]

IIT was proposed by neuroscientist Giulio Tononi in 2004, and has been continuously developed over the past decade. The latest version of the theory, labeled IIT 3.0, was published in 2014 ( cont.)

  • ver lista de referencias de papers relacionados na Wikipedia


Primeiro Paper do autor da teoria, Giulio Tononi, publicado em 2014, na PubMed, livre para leitura:

From the phenomenology to the mechanisms of consciousness: Integrated Information Theory 3.0.

( Observar Funding Statement: This work was supported by a Paul G. Allen Family Foundation grant, by the McDonnell Foundation, and by the Templeton World Charities Foundation (Grant #TWCF 0067/AB41). )


Artigo na Nature ( somente abstrato livre):

Integrated information theory: from consciousness to its physical substrate

Ver lista de referencias na Nature sobre papers publicados e relacionados a IIT


Copia de uma analise em português desta teoria:

Informação Integrada

O neurocientista Giulio Tononi, da Universidade de Wisconsin-Madison (EUA), desenvolveu uma das teorias mais promissoras para a consciência, conhecida como teoria da informação integrada, na qual Koch também trabalhou, em parceria com Tononi.

Entender como o cérebro produz o material de experiências subjetivas, tais como a cor verde ou o som das ondas do mar, é o que o filósofo australiano David Chalmers chama de “problema difícil” da consciência. Tradicionalmente, os cientistas têm tentado resolver este problema com uma abordagem que vai de baixo para cima, um tipo de processamento de informação baseado em dados vindos do meio ao qual o sistema pertence para formar uma percepção. “Você pega um pedaço do cérebro e tentar espremer o suco de consciência [dali]”, explica o diretor científico do Instituto Allen. “Mas isso é quase impossível”.

Em contraste, a teoria de informação integrada começa com a própria consciência e tenta trabalhar de marcha ré para entender os processos físicos que dão origem a este fenômeno. A ideia básica é que a experiência consciente representa a integração de uma grande variedade de informações e que esta experiência é irredutível. Isto significa que quando você abrir os olhos (supondo que você tenha uma visão normal), você não pode simplesmente optar por ver tudo em preto e branco, ou ver apenas o lado esquerdo de seu campo de visão.

Em vez disso, seu cérebro tece perfeitamente em conjunto uma rede complexa de informações dos sistemas sensoriais e processos cognitivos. Vários estudos têm mostrado que é possível medir o grau de integração utilizando técnicas de estimulação cerebral e de gravação.

A teoria da informação integrada atribui um valor numérico, “phi”, ao grau de irredutibilidade. Se o phi é zero, o sistema é redutível a suas partes individuais, mas se o phi é alto, o sistema é mais do que apenas a soma de suas partes. Este sistema explica como a consciência pode existir em diferentes graus nos seres humanos e em outros animais. A teoria incorpora alguns elementos do pampsiquismo, a filosofia de que a mente não está presente apenas em humanos, mas em todas as coisas.

Um corolário interessante da teoria da informação integrada é que nenhuma simulação de computador, não importa o quão fielmente replica uma mente humana, jamais poderia tornar-se consciente. Koch colocar desta forma: “Você pode simular o tempo em um computador, mas ele nunca vai ficar ‘molhado’”.



Visão Academica Sobre a Origem da Consciência versus Visão da Matrix/DNA

segunda-feira, dezembro 12th, 2016


The Neuroscience of Consciousness

( The University of Melbourne )


Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – dez-12/12/2016 (comentario postado no Youtube)

After 13,8 billion years, consciousness emerged in the Universe. In another hand, after 6 or 8 months, consciousness emerges in a human embryo. So, it is not each human embryo creating consciousness, first time in the world.
Consciousness was sleeping at the blastula, dreaming at the fetus, woke up at the embryo. It was all past time hidden in the genetics of the new body and it came from outside the embryo’s little universe – the embryonary sac. Consciousness was existing before the existence of the baby, at its parents, the human species.
It is not each Universe creating consciousness, first time in the multiverse. Consciousness was sleeping at atoms systems, dreaming at galaxies, began waking up at plants and lifted up at human beings ( and lots of more evolved life at other planets). This Universe is not magic, it can not create things with informations it does not received at its birth. So, the Universe makes its creatures by the same method it was made. The, consciousness was existing before the Big Bang, at a kind of conscious natural system.
We, human beings, are 8 billions of genes for consciousness, carrying on our creation inside our egg-head. The brain is only the placenta, or the amnion. And must have many billions genes like us doing another parts of a universal, cosmological consciousness. So, our consciousness is not mortal, that’s it!
If we have here and now a known and visible fact showing how consciousness arises, why these people are searching unknown and never saw imaginary solutions for it? Why this continuous and disastrous tendency to mystic and metaphysics? I can’t understand… Is it very difficult to calculate that 13,8 billion years of astronomical time is equal 7 months of human time? They don’t know general relativity?!