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Analogia entre a Teoria de Teilhard de Chardin e a Teoria da Matrix/DNA

domingo, junho 24th, 2018



Open debate posted by Mario Falcetti

” “For invincible reasons of homogeneity and coherence, the fibers of cosmogenesis require to be prolonged in ourselves far more deeply than flesh and bone. We are not being tossed about and drawn along in the vital current merely by the material surface of our being. But like a subtle fluid, space-time, having drowned our bodies, penetrates our soul. It fills it and impregnates it…” ( read more at the above link)…

My comments posted at 6/24/18 (published by Disquss)

Have you noticed that the “fibers of cosmogenesis” works exactly as works the “fibers of embryogenesis”? I can’t understand why humans have the tendency to mystify what we don’t know completely building theories that appeals to non-natural like Chardin did, when we can see that what we know in nature can explain it. The fibers of embryogenesis that build flesh and bones are the proteins carrying on and processing the information in DNA. The Matrix/DNA Theory suggests an identical theory, but it is purely naturalist, never going to metaphysics. The most evolved (complex) realization of biological embryogenesis is human consciousness. Evolutionary cosmogeneses has the goal to produce a cosmic consciousness. What is the problem?!

Why we need gods, Christo, non-natural, if Nature is showing to us here and now how she works here and there? Each new human brain produced by embryogenesis does no create consciousness, since it was existing here at human species. It means that the informations for consciousness were there, not manifested but in potential state, at the first shapes of a human body, like morulae, blastula, fetus… going to embryo, when it is manifested. It takes 6 or 8 months of embryogenesis. So,,…This Universe works like a cosmic egg where the galaxies are the placenta. Inside the placenta there is a unique system that began at the Big Bang, in shape of atom ( the cloud of atoms was the blastula of cosmogenesis), evolved to stellar systems, to galaxies… all this time consciousness was in these systems, not expressed yet. Embryogenesis takes 9 months, cosmogeneses takes 13,8 billion years, because the astronomical dimension of time, but the two processes are identical. So, in this Universe is occurring a normal common process of genetic reproduction of a conscious natural system beyond and before the Big Bang. Please, Occams razor here, Chardin is not guilty because he did not know genetics, but we know it.

graphic from external link Teilhard de Chardin The PHENOMENON of MAN Translated by Bernard Wall (important extracts of the book)

graphic from external link Teilhard de Chardin The PHENOMENON of MAN Translated by Bernard Wall (important extracts of the book)

Se o DNA e’ software, quem escreveu o codigo? Ninguem, pois DNA nao e’ codigo.

segunda-feira, dezembro 25th, 2017


If DNA Is Software, Who Wrote The Code?

Collective Evolution

By Tom Bunzel

My comment published in the article:

What if DNA is not a code, as suggested by Matrix/DNA world view? The building blocks of DNA are different copies of a working matrix-system, which was the template for atoms and astronomical systems also. DNA as we know it is the hardware, the book where the letters are arranged. So, where is the software organizing and writing the letters? The answer comes when we perceive that this matrix-system is built when Nature takes a unique body and applies over it the process of life cycle. The body changes its shapes, the shapes becomes the parts that are connected in the same sequence, finally you have a working system. But, Matrix/DNA Theory has perceived that any light wave resulting from the seven radiations of electromagnetic spectrum, encodes the process of life cycle. Light waves! Here is the code, the software. Light is the secret applied by Nature for getting working systems. So, we are after experiments trying to detecting biophotons connected as networks in the DNA.

Each human brain expresses a mind, or consciousness, after 7 or 8 months of existence. These brains does not creates consciousness, it came inside genetics from their parents. Why not the same for the universe and a possible “cosmic consciousness”? It is expressed when universes reaches 13,8 billion years of existence, but universes does not creates consciousness, it comes from something before the Big Bang. If so, the material world is not created by this universe/born mind, it is not an illusory product of our human mind and we can’t say that it is an illusory product of cosmic consciousness also. Matrix/DNA Theory is suggesting that matter is the effect of original light waves propagating through dark matter ( the substance of space), and energy is merely the result of friction between light and dark matter. Then, this matter is used by the particles resulted from the fragmentation of light waves for going back to the original source. Like when the embryo is delivered, it goes back to the world of its parents. So, we need, yes, working this matter for turning on it in better tool for evolution of our consciousness.


Existe Vida Depois da Morte? O melhor video com o melhor debate entre crentes e ceticos

quinta-feira, maio 18th, 2017


E meu comentario com a opiniao da Matrix/DNA postado no Video:

Louis Charles MorelliLouis Charles Morelli – 5/18/2017

My 2 cents:

1) The word “life” is the culprit of so much confusion. Change it for ” biological systems”, differing from atom systems, galactic systems and there is no such separation between “living systems” and “no-living systems”. At Matrix/DNA Theory we are discovering that all biological properties has its counterparts as mechanistic properties at astronomic systems and electromagnetic properties at atomic systems. There is a unique natural universal system that began with the Big Bang in shape of “wave light system”, which got the shape of atoms, galaxies, humans, consciousness, and still is alive for 13,8 years old. Consciousness and natural world is like software and hardware. Consciousness could not work at the ancient systems like Bill Gates could not making working the windows inside the ancient calculators machines.

2) A human brain gets consciousness at 6 or 8 months old. It is not each brain that creates consciousness, it already was existing before and surrounding the embryo’s little universe. The universal natural system gets consciousness at 13,8 billion years, wherever there is a system with the necessary complexity. Each is not that human species creates consciousness, neither that all other conscious aliens created consciousness: it was existing before and surrounding our universe;

3) At Matrix/DNA Theory we discovered that the entropy attacking an astronomic system produces its defragmentation into bits-information, carried on by photons. These photons works like genes, building the new shape of the universal system, which are biological shapes. Since photons were also composing the first universal shape of system – waves of light – emitted by something existing before and beyond our universe, we conclude that  this original light is linked directly to consciousness. So, if we want to see and touch the substance of consciousness we need go beyond electrochemical signals, synapses and we will see darkness. Cleaning this darkness we will see a astonishing network of photons located inside the electrons of the atoms that composes neurons and brains. But it is merely the matrix/dna of consciousness.

4) We are still almost blind. We see only one and half part of a light that has seven parts. We only touch a world made by two and half parts of vibrations which has seven kinds of vibrations, to say, seven dimensions. Our brain is still primitive, our sensors are evolving yet and we will get more complex sensors. Then, Mr. Physicist will perceive that Physics reveal merely the skeleton of the universe, any natural systems and human bodies. it can not grasp anything about the soft meat, the neurology… and they pretends that know something about consciousness… My Go… oh, I mean, My Almighty Lord Pink Unicorn…