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Fotons-Informacao Trazidos por Alienigenas?

terça-feira, abril 18th, 2017


Bem,… os resultados de minhas formulas e modelos teoricos estao sugerindo que de alguma forma os fotons com informacoes da formula Matrix/DNA chegaram `a Terra e deram inicio aos sitemas biologicos. Ate agora estou apostando que 50% veio do Sol e outros 50% do nucleo terrestre devido conclusoes ao interpreter a formula. Mas… existem pessoas que dizem ter contacto com mentores espirituais, extraterrenos, e falam coisas que bem poderia ser outra alternative para o “como os fotons da formula chegaram aqui”. Por exemplo esta autora diz que seres de uma galaxia invisivel a nos trouxeram ou mandaram este tipoo de cristais contendo luz com informacao para semear o planeta, etc. Nao gosto dessa possibilidade, resisto a crer, principalmente porque isto significaria que nao terei controle sobre a pesquisa ja que os elementos finais envolveria desconhecidas dimensoes, porem, racionalmente nao e’ uma possibilidade impossivel. Entao tenho que registrar aqui e ficar no alerta para algum sinal a mais sobre isso.


Chimurya Star Glass….this is the name I am guided to give a large lump of blue glass from China that is now in my possession, sent to me by Fredaricka Yarom from Israel. My akashic insights on this glass is as follows:

I am seeing a silver-blue cylinder the size of a rolling pin crashing into Earth. It is not a meteor but a constructed devise. Upon impact it creates a molten blue glass, which is scattered outward into the ground. The region it strikes is uninhabited by humans at that time (several million years ago – although such “time” is diffcult for accuracy when dealing with inter-dimensional events.)

What is the origin of the cylinder and what is it’s purpose? It has arrived through inter-dimensional travel from a galaxy not visible to us. Ultra beings send these cylinders into specific galaxies and planets to complete a Genesis process in this universe. It somehow aids that planet and thus the galaxy it inhabits to re-orientate to it’s original shall we say “sacred path.” I do not have details of this, only fragments. The higher etheric register of the resultant “Star Glass” is set as if on a timer, to communicate on the elemental level interactively with the planet into which it was seeded. It has very strong healing energies as it helps systems align to their “path of origin.” This process is quite similar to the Cosmic event I outline in my streaming audio: Cosmic Event – 2012, only this latter 2012 event will be far more potent and direct in it’s effect on planet Earth.

In some ways it is also similar to the Andara Crystal-Glass in that it’s “etheric refraction” is very high and it is an inter-dimensional glass which can interface with the DNA, moving etheric waves of LIGHT through the body dimensionally.

By Maia Kyi’Ra Nartoomid