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A Sala Cósmica da Matrix/DNA: Ideias para impulsionar projeto

sábado, janeiro 20th, 2018


Comentário postado no website de Julianne em 1/20/18 ( sumiu, não apareceu, talvez aguardando moderação, ou talvez o meu link no comment pode ter invalidado a publicação. Verificar)

Hello, Julianne. I have a big art project. There is a very small prototype that already got to international places, as schools, market/malls rooms, cultural events, etc. The name could be The Living Cosmic Room. An oval room in dark with mechanic arms moving floating objects that mimics the seven kinds of astronomical bodies and at same time, each one is transformed into cell oraganella, following the transformation into the seven molecules of DNA’s building blocks. Etc, all natural systems obeys the same template, which is unknown outside the Matrix/DNA world view.

People entering and walking inside a room that is the cosmos, a living cell, the misterious DNA, till the human brain is formed by the same structure. A briefly idea about the room and its contents you can see at my avatar here, the internal systemic circuit with astronomic bodies.

This could be copied and spreaded to whole world…

The prototype, made by an artist from Brasil is very simple, only with some white luminous balls floating, there is no message, no scientific knowledge to teachers and studants, but, last time was in Berlim.

I have only the total project, the content, and ideas for the technic to be applied, but no acess to the necessary partners and no idea how to do it alone. If you have any interest about you can see the content at my website You could reach me by e-mail or comment at my website. Good lucky… Louis Morelli


Sobre Julianne:


With over 25 years experience in the Australian and international arts and culture sector, Julianne Pierce provides consultancy to artists and arts organisations on strategy, project development and fundraising.

As a Creative Producer she initiates and delivers projects across performing, visual and media arts. Julianne is passionate about innovative and bold cultural projects that engage with audiences in new and exciting ways.

Julianne is a founding director of the new creative company Art Engineers, an Australian based collective of graphic designers, artists, performance producers and creative thinkers.



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