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Maos humanas: novos detalhes sugeridos como influencias na psique e personalidade

terça-feira, agosto 7th, 2018


Maos Humanas contam segredos da personalidade

The Secret To Your Personality Is The Length Of This Finger

E meu comentario publicado no artigo:

Louis Charles Morelli August 7, 2018 at 8:11 PM

There is a big secret about human hands: it is the copy of DNA’s fundamental unit of information, or DNA’s building blocks.Yours hands tells all shapes of your body in a lifetime: the palm is your pregnant mother, the pinky finger is you as a baby, the nest finger is you as a kid/teenager, the next one is you as young adult, the next is you as the boss of a family, old adult, and the last one is the senior. But,… it is not merely coincidence. When a living being needs something for survivor and ask it to DNA, the DNA sends a copy of itself to the local and build the thing. It happens that the DNA’s unit of information (two lateral sugars with four basis ) is a complete working system in itself, and Nature builds systems by applying the vital cycle, the process that changes shapes of a body. So, that’s why your hands mimics the history of your body, it is a exactly copy of a natural system.

There are a lot more secrets about your body and Nature in general, described by the new world view called Matrix/DNA Theory, because we are discovering that DNA is merely the biological shape of something that works at universal level, a kind of universal Matrix, which seems to be the God’s Genome. By while I call it as a theory, but there are too much evidences, too much right previsions, so, it deserves a look…


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