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Despertados para a Matrix/DNA – (1) Troy Megill

segunda-feira, julho 27th, 2015


Troy Megill

Uploaded on Jun 26, 2008

I’ve always said, these so called educational institutes have held most people back.
Every time some one told me the had a degree in something, I found them limited in what they could achieve.
My responsibility is not to convince skeptics, but to endorse and build solid foundation through dreams. The power of possibility belongs to the dreamers and dreams come true to the ones that BELIEVE. Its call the new Paradigm, welcome in all dreamers, goodbye all skeptics.
Think outside the Box.

Every Video, every book, every teaching is for us to build a foundation of a believe system. Every person that came before, did what they could to show all what they did to reach their understanding. My firm understanding is now simple after going though many teachings…. We are a bucket taken out of the ocean, that bucket forgot it was the ocean, the bucket has been given its own life, a life of separation, its goal is to take back to the ocean its own experience. The bolder, the better…. Their are no rules, their are no Vows. The knowing memory of what was taken from the ocean will be driven by selfless intent, doubt of what you really are leads to fear, fear is the mill stone on your neck to failier, or to know it fails, fear is the worthy adversary to built intellect, experience to overcome, to find that the power of unconditional love, first starting with yourself, to be the most mightiest expression of self, to be the greatest God self you could be, so that the ocean can know………