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O Sol é uma fornalha nuclear ou Eletricidade de Plasma? A Equação da Gravidade está errada? Pesquisa da Matrix/DNA

segunda-feira, dezembro 31st, 2012

Alguem comentou “o sol é eletrico, como um plasma…não é uma fornalha de fusão… gravidade não é a força diretora do Universo… eletromagnetismo é que é…muito mais potente que a força gravitacional…a equação para gravidade está errada… e a ci6encia está omitindo isso do publico”. Claro, pode ser afirmações sem fundamento, mas tem muito a ver com os modelos da Matrix/DNA, portanto registro aqui a fonte para futura pesquisa:


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TheOneTheOwnLak 20 minutes ago

The sun is electric…did you realise that? Like a plamsa ball…have you learned this yet?….or do you still think the sun is a fusion furnace?..and if the sun is electric..gravity is not the driving force in the universe…electromagnetism is..electromagnetism is 1,000,0000,000,000,000 times more powerful than gravity….a simple magnet picking up metal shows this… if the equation for gravity is wrong…why dont they tell you?..because it would mean everything is wrong about science.

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JoshuaWaller 14 minutes ago

… Really?

The force of gravity isn’t a constant value. Different areas have variations of gravitational value. For example, the moon has less gravity than a black hole. The same can be said for electromagnetic forces.

So yes, if you take a magnet that’s powerful enough, it can pick up a piece of iron. If the magnet isn’t powerful enough, it cannot pick up the piece of iron. Also, note, the magnet is still subject to gravity, and is incapable of lifting non-ferrous material.

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TheOneTheOwnLak 5 minutes ago

Perhaps thats why the moon videos are so scrutinised…when you speed them up to x2 the original speed it looks like it was on earth..SO….what would happen if the gravity on the moon was the SAME as earth? that why they slowed it down?..because the knowledge would invalidad the equation?..on mars they say there are dust storms..but mars has 0.8% the atmosphere of earth..thats 99.2% denser here…so how is it a dust storm? there is no atmosphere?..the storms are electric..did you know that?

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DZZeborro 1 hour ago

This is probably going in my top 10 dumbest comments I’ve ever read on youtube. And that’s saying a lot. So many factual errors AND logical fallacies in such a small paragraph, it’s simply astounding.

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TheOneTheOwnLak 1 minute ago

point them out please.

TheMatrixDNA 1 second ago

Do you know about the existence of the “dark light”? What do you know about? I am asking it for debating yours idea that there is only “devolution”.

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