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Encontrado Fossil Mais Antigo dos Humanos, Empurrando no Tempo nossas Origens

quinta-feira, março 5th, 2015




This partial lower jaw from Ethiopia is the oldest example of our genus Homo.

This partial lower jaw from Ethiopia is the oldest example of our genus Homo. ( KAYE REED)


Deep roots for the genus Homo – By 4 March 2015

( Profundas raizes para o genero Homo)

(Traduzindo o Texto):

On a hot January morning 2 years ago, Chalachew Seyoum was searching for fossils at a desolate site in Ethiopia called Ledi-Geraru, where no human ancestor had turned up in a decade of searching.

Numa quente manhã de janeiro há 2 anos atrás, Chalachew Seyoum estava procurando por fósseis num sítio isolado da Etiópia chamado Ledi-Geraru, onde nenhum ancestral humano tinha aparecido numa década de busca.

But Seyoum, an Ethiopian graduate student at Arizona State University (ASU), Tempe, was upbeat after a week off.

(continuar tradução)

Debate postado na Science:


Nature never selected the superstars. Where are the biggest and strongest? First the dinosaurs, now are going out the lions, eagles, wales, gorillas… It is the small, the median that everytime inherits the land. Where are the pharaós, the Roman Inperators, the Genghis Khan family?

Eugenics? Inferior humans? We had a big ancestor 10 billion years ago, called the “the galactic species”, They did the same mistake of dinosaurs: specializing, accommodating in a living way which is a sentence for being discarded by Evolution. Worst: the astronomical system became a closed system, self-recycling, closing the doors to evolution. Then, Nature answered with the second thermodynamic law, and entropy is fragmenting them into bits which are lifting up as biological systems (aka life), inside their own body, like 90 % of those bacterial cells are living inside our bodies.. Those astronomical systems were organized by the Matrix/DNA formula, from which came the biological DNA. Since that galaxies did the worst sin against Nature, we are inheritors of that sin in shape of the selfish gene, and we are 8 billions slices of that whole sin, just for to face our error being carried out by all others and learning to hate it. We will be one again but if one slice of that cosmic DNA is eliminated, will will born handicapped. So, eugenics and any other form of racism is a bad idea, against who do it.


Três respostas ao meu comentário:

  • youve neglected a lot data in your rant.

    It should be writing an encyclopedia if mentioning the data about each phrase of my post. I exposed the final results saw here and now. If you have data against anything I wrote, please, let me knowing it.

    “First the dinosaurs”

    i would start with mass extinction events. events that were not concerned with the progress of life on our planet.


    I think that life has progressed in this planet, so, if really had mass extinction events, they are events contained in the large process. This is not data against Matrix/DNA theory. And these events need to be when several species goes on the wrong way. But, look to this curious suggestion from the models of Matrix/DNA:

    Mass extinction events occurs due the Sun and Earth drives biological evolution by radiation that works like consuming the layers of an onion. The sun radiates sequential layers from outside towards inside and planets from inside towards outside ( the radiation begins at their nucleus). The seeds of life are spreaded by the whole galaxy because they are the fragmented bits-genes of the galaxy. And the method by which these seeds are cultured and nurtured is the above cited process analogous to anions. When a layer ( synchronized from the Sun and Earth) finishes and the other begins, there is a mass extinction events separating the good and killing the bad results – in relation to the larger process of cosmological evolution.

    your views are certainly not new world. we know enough to dispel your beliefs based on your opening statements.


    Yes it is a new world view because it has a unique logical process explaining natural Universal History from the Big Bang to here and now, never imagined and published before.
    There are no beliefs here, only real data and a new method for connecting all known data.
    No, you can not be sure that you know enough to dispel it while you does not point out which known data could dispel it.


    • It’s fascinating though. Kind of a mish mash of the more nutty ‘theories’ on the inter-tubes.

      I’d need a lot of acid before I could find some meaning in that.

      Yes, I know that this new world view have the possibility to be a nutty theory. But… remember, a fanatic creationist also never will find some meaning in a non-deist theory. And those authorities of the medieval church were not able to see the new meanings when Copernic suggested that the Earth is not the center of world. So, I think you was educated by the modern academic mindset and it should be very difficult for you suddenly facing an more evolved alien telling that the final meanings of yours world view are wrong, because the academic mindset is making lots of mistakes of natural phenomena interpretations. Every phrase in my post hidden an universal meaning that you still does not know. For instance: the known fact that Nature did not selected the dinosaur neither the biggest crocodile for being the nest more evolved shape – the mammalian – and, instead, selected the tiny smaller reptile called “cyanodont”; the theoretical evidences I have compiled that from particles to atoms to galaxies to animals, Nature always applied the same method for selection, offers a new revolutionary meaning in relation to the meanings extracted from Darwinists interpretation of evolution. Evolution is curve and not linear because Nature makes that a wrong evolutionary way stops ( dinosaurs, galaxies, the heaviest atoms, lions, eagles, wales, gorillas etc) and nature goes back in time searching a genus that had not evolved in that wrong way ( chimpanzees, the ancient building block of astronomical systems, etc), which still is an opened door to the right evolution as driving by the universal Nature, and upon that genus Nature re-build the right pathway. Put this cosmological evolutionary movement ( trajectory) in a cartesian graphic, as I did, and you will begin to discover a real world never imagined before, neither by the modern academic mindset. But, as you said, maybe this theory is more wrong than yours theory. Only time and new data will be the judge.

      Use paragraphs.

      That wall of text is unreadable.

      Thanks, I had not perceived about absence of paragraphs. But the difficult to read it is due the errors of English language and the problem for communicating an unknown world never seen before, when you need creating new words for new things and had no space for explaining it. The first time when we will meet an alien culture we will have same problems in our communication. So, my world view is good for training us before it happens.

  • I’m sorry, but what are you smoking?


    Every wrong doctrine making wrong minds full of phantasies works in the same way of hallucinogens. Then, the victims think that every person not indoctrinated and with a different world view had smoking something… Sorry that you were caught in that doctrine being inoculated from our modern universities… A question for yours “world view”: which are the evolutionary links ( our ancestor species) between cosmological and biological evolution? I know… the university told you that there are no such links. And for fulfil that giant gap they told you about a magical force called “by chance”… Why don’t you go my website and see the suggested face and anatomy of that links? And try to debunk it with real known proved facts? You still have time for to taking out the mistakes that they inoculated into yours mind and discovering a very most fascinating and wonderful world without any kind of supernatural magical forces.


    I am unimpressed with your “science.” The “theory” of evolution is a tremendous lie. Mankind cannot answer this himself there needs to be an absolute truth. If Man bases his “theories” only on his science then the truth will be rejected. Only if the truth was used from the beginning would the origin of life be understood. Man makes mistakes that’s a given. The truth WILL be revealed as it always has. It just takes the right heart to see it.
    Always seeing but never perceiving.
    Always hearing but never understanding.

    You said: “If Man bases his “theories” only on his science then the truth will be rejected.”

    It is just the opposite. The thru is rejected when men bases their theories on their imaginations’ phantasies, like magical supernatural intelligent gods acting here and/or absolute randomness creating complexity as magics. When a man exercises only his pure and natural reason for interpreting every natural phenomena it gets the thru because the thru is with the same Nature that produced the human reason.

    Nature does not plays dices with its creatures, so, any question you have ask only to Nature, nothing else. If there is a supernatural god that created Nature, he would say: “If you want to know me, observe my creation, which is Nature.” Every artist reveals itself in his/her job. So, the scientific method is more next to know yours god than you using magical thinking.

    You said: ” ” The “theory” of evolution is a tremendous lie.”

    Then, bring on the table the real known data, apply the another method that you know for connecting those data – which for sure is not what we understand by ” scientific theoretical method”  and expose yours theory.