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NASA fotos no Instagram e respostas da Matrix/DNA

terça-feira, fevereiro 26th, 2019



Hi, NASA, arent`t you based on a wrong theory? Where is the energy for energetic process in dark clouds of gas and dust? Matrix/DNA astronomic models are suggesting a different event. I am asking that you search previous photos of that point, if are one. I will bet thare was a kind of pulsar, as like a very old giant gas planet. These Herbig-Haro objects must be the result of the last crust collapsing, when the luminous nucleus spreads to outside. This must be the origins of supernovas. Ok, it is theory facing another theories, time and more data will be the judges.



Fotos de fantasmas (orbs) e a investigação da Matrix/DNA

quarta-feira, fevereiro 28th, 2018


Nova foto de “orbes” por Rich Kane que utiliza tecnologia avancada e tem uma teoria intrigante sobre elas: seriam seres vivos, remanescentes de antigos alienigenas que habitaram a Terra,  ( me interesso porque as minhas interpretacoes das formulas e modelos teoricos da Matrix/DNA Theory sugerem e predizem que deve existir neste planeta formas compostas por fotons oriundos da radiacao cosmica que seriam os precursores da vida terrestre, portanto, apesar de ser uma teoria bem diferente da de Rich Kane, as fotos e o continuo trabalho investigativo do Rich merecem nossa atencao…



E meus comentarios postados abaixo da foto no site do Rich Lane, em 2/28/18:

I am investigating the hypothesis that these things are what my theoretical models and formula are suggesting: groups, packets of photons half-astronomic/half-biological from waves of light that are emitted by cosmic radiation, stars, Earth’s nucleus, etc. The Matrix/DNA Theory suggests an evolutionary link between this galaxy and the first living being, a complete and working cell system. and the evolutionary link has a kind of DNA ( a universal matrix) which is fragmented due entropy into bits-information and when these bits meets here they try to compose the prior system by entering inside electrons of terrestrial atoms for driven them to compose the system, but, mutations due difference of environments results in biological systems. These orbs would be photons-bits joined before entering atoms. If so, they are elemental beings, not concious. Maybe they search in living beings the another bits that can ad to their composition; if so, they are feeding on us, our energy. They are aliens in the sense that they came from the whole galaxy, but they are terrestrials because the packet was built here. They are slices, peaces, of the universal natural formula for systems, sometimes almost complete systems. They are our link to the Cosmos and our ancestors astronomic systems, so, they are tye real creator of life here. Ok, this is merely the results suggested by my way of interpreting the models and formulas, I have n o proof about it, I do not believe in it since I am a careful skeptical, but, I keep the investigation because it makes a lot of sense. What do you think, Rich? Cheers… I hope you continuing yours very important investigation, I am watching it..

Segundo comentario:

+Rick Kane – Only for adding something: If these orbs are what my calculus are suggesting, they must have the human face’s shape. The universal formula that nature applies for organizing matter into working systems can be designed as a software diagram and when I did it, the final figure had the human face shape, with functions representing two eyes, mouth, ears, etc. It must be in this way because the human face also was built by that formula.

It is not merely coincidence because the building blolcks of DNA is made by the same formula and if you look to them, you will see the humans face. Of course, the DNA designed our faces.

And when we connect the seven known astronomical bodies as if they are formed by the process of light propagation which is the same process of life’s cycles, again we get the same working system, a figure ressembling the human face.

If they are real packets of bits of our ancient astronomic ancestors, when they penetrates rocks, they must design faces in the rocks because they are shaped as faces.

Why? iI is because all these things are based on the same natural formula – the Matrix/DNA, which is at my website. So, these faces in the orbs are keeping me very busy looking to them and making comparisons with that formula, those natural systems and those building blocks. My problem is that I have no more good vision, so it is difficult to see the faces. Very interesting, ahn?
Another idea occurring me now would be the explanation for why the bubbles are coloured? It is a rational composition between light and membranes. How membranes emerged from living cells has been a big mistery, not for those that know the Matrix/DNA formula and how it generated biological systems here. The building blocks of galactic systems – which evolved into cell systems – already had a kind of membrane surrounding their nucleus, to which hawkings has mistakenly called ” the event horizon surrounding black holes. Membranes or event horizont are merely more a natural construction of a systemic function ( in Matrix/DNA formula it is a mixing between F1 and F8).
So, every time that bits of photons with informations for building a system emerges, the membrane or the cover of the bubble emerges automatically. But, if the internal content are those photons we have a packet of light and when the light reaches the membrane is like when light reaches crystals – they are decomposed into colours. It makes sense for you?
Nesta foto, Rich sugere estar vendo o “espirito” de uma garota india nativa. Por estranho que pareca, para nos que nao acreditamos em espiritos e existindo dessa maneira, de repente resolvi reconsiderar o assunto porque ao consultar a formula da Matrix/DNA e ver se a foto faria algum sentido logico, ela sugeriu que isto e’ possivel! Mas entao… bem, so lendo o comentario abaixo que postei no site do Rich para ter uma ideia do alcance da coisa…
louis Morelli – 3/1/18
Ok, now another strange idea is occurring. You said “spirit”. Generally I would not believe that there are spirits in this way, but… looking to Matrix/DNA, it suggested that it is possible. I wil, try to explain:
As I said before, these “orbs” could be pohtons-bits-information of systems that were our ancestors and creators of life here, they would be the slices of seeds of life. If so, it is not wrong saying that they are the “spirits” of our ancestors – which are the building blocks of this galaxy. When all bits meets and are connected they composes a kind of cell system which substance is photons, then, light.
When evolution made human beings, these light composition grows and remains inside our body whith is called ” aura” by orientals. So, we can suppose that when a person dies, this aura lives the body. We can call them, again, “spirit”. By some unknown reason, some ” spirits” remains at Earth or our observable dimension in the primordial state like a orb. To me it makes sense, althought it is a very strange idea.
Please, if you never noticed it, go to look to the pictures of auras as designed by orientals. Try to see how the two “kundalines” is like the two streams of DNA. Now look the “chacras” between the kundalines and remember of the nitrogenuous bases between the DNA’s streams. They are same figure. Why? Because orbs, auras and DNA are the same unique thing in different evolutionary states. Always spirits down, from human to galaxies to waves of light emitted at the Big Bang. Well, my almight lord Pink Unicorn, I think we are going too much far here, what do you think?
If this theory is right, the difference of age between the indian girl and those rounded bubbles is merely 4 billion years, and maybe the girl plays with them as her pets…
Comentario de um leitor:
+Louis Charles Morelli The ancients believed that if you held on to a thought strongly enough it would gain and existence of it’s own.
Minha resposta: 3/2/18
+Robert Walden –  It is not my case because I was born skeptical and I know that my brain has its limits, so, my thoughs also. It happens that after studying all known world views I didn’t choose one, no none was satisfactory. Then I knew this Matrix/DNA thing and found it the best for explaining my exprience of life and all known natural facts in this observable universe. But I know that it is not complete and as all theories will be changed and is says nothing beyond the observable world, no metaphysics. What I am studying about Rich works and orbs in general will not be added to my world view because this issue goes beyond my observable universe and Matrix/DNA has this limit, it arrives to Big Bang and stop there, never going a step into metaphysics. What is interesting in this issue is the possibility that it is not metaphysics, all assertions I am investigating has foundation on solid natural facts, like photons, light, energetic templates of real systems. By the way, thanks for remembering that.
Meu comentario no novo post de RICH dia 3/2/18:
Two new information here and I will explain what Matrix/DNA suggests about them:
1) The atraction for light is predicted for Matrix/DNA definition of orbs. They are composed by photons, each photon carrying on one information from the system they came from. Like all humans are atracted by Humanity because each individual is part of Humanity, all photons are atracted to light because they are part of it. When these photons/genes penetrates matter, they do it by penetrating electrons, which emits light. The other reason orbs are atracted to light is their alimentation: since they are not complete packet of informations of a system, they search the photons that has those informations for incorporating them. That’s why it is possible that they also feeds on us, because our bodies has all photons/information.
2) UFOS. This is the weird part that Matrix/DNA does not agree. It suggests that orbs are elemental, like irracional, they would not be able to develop technology. I will review all yours photos where you see UFOS. Are you sure it is not another thing? Has you seen other situation where they show some suggestion of technology? I am not saying that there are no UFOS, what I am suggesting is that UFOS must be other species of aliens from different places. Cheers…