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Frases para a Matrix/DNA: Sobre Padrões, Patterns

quarta-feira, abril 24th, 2019


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People want to see patterns in the world. It is how we evolved. We descended from those primates who were best at spotting the telltale pattern of a predator in the forest, or of food in the savannah. So important is this skill that we apply it everywhere, warranted or not.

  • Benoît Mandelbrot, in ‘The (Mis)Behavior of Markets (2004) co-written wiith Richard L. Hudson, Ch. 12, p. 245


Two-of-something’ is just one example of a pattern, a very simple one. We can all think of other patterns, such as ‘three-of something’, or ‘on-top-of-something’ or ‘bigger-than-something’. We all know how this works. The point we don’t think about too often that patterns are very real but they are not part of the material world. We forget this, because we usually recognise patterns in connection with objects in the material world. We forget that the patterns themselves transcend the material world. The patterns are not material objects.


The individual organs follow the same pattern as the whole organism, i.e. they have their period of growth, of stationary, maximum activity and then of aging decline.


What we call random is just patterns we can’t decipher.


Science traditionally takes the reductionist approach, saying that the collective properties of molecules, or the fundamental units of whatever system you’re talking about, are enough to account for all of the system’s activity. But this standard approach leaves out one very important additional factor, and that’s the spacing and timing of activity — its pattern or form. The components of any system are linked up in different ways, and these possible relationships, especially at the higher levels, are not completely covered by the physical laws for the elementary interactions between atoms and molecules. At some point, the higher properties of the whole begin to take over and govern the fate of its constituents.

  • Roger Wolcott Sperry, in “New Mindset on Consciousness” in Sunrise magazine (December 1987/January 1988)


Frases para a Matrix/DNA

terça-feira, abril 16th, 2019

“My destination is no longer a place, but rather a new way of seeing.” ~Marcel Proust

“Meu destino não é mais um lugar numa partícula do mundo, e sim uma viagem na onda do tempo como uma nova maneira de ver o mundo”


“Meu destino não é mais um local, e sim uma nova maneira de ver”

Frases para a Matrix/DNA

sábado, novembro 3rd, 2018

“Experience has shown, and a true philosophy will always show, that a vast, perhaps the larger, portion of truth arises from the seemingly irrelevant.” – Edgar Allan Poe

“A experiencia tem demonstrado, e a verdadeira filosofia sempre vai demonstrar, que uma vasta, talvez a maior, porcao da verdade surge do aparentemente irrelevante.”

Assim o homem descobriu a evolução, quando Darwin ficou 4 anos nas selvas estudando mínimas diferenças nos bicos dos pássaros, e quando o homem descobriu a macro-evolução universal quando Louis Morelli ficou sete anos na selva estudando como cada objeto esta conectado a seu especifico sistema natural.

So man discovered evolution when Darwin spent 4 years in the jungles studying minimal differences in the beaks of birds, and man discovered the universal macro-evolution when Louis Morelli spent seven years in the jungle studying how each object is connected to his specific natural system.

Frases para Matrix/DNA

sábado, outubro 28th, 2017


“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” – Aristotle

Assim me comporto perante a Matrix/DNA world view, por mais atraente e convincente ela pareca a cada dia. Eu acrescentaria ao dito de Aristoteles: ” and without rejecting it”. Porque, se não existem conhecidos fatos reais desaprovando uma teoria que faz sentido logico, nao seria racional rejeitar ela definitivamente.