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Inteligencia Artificial na New York Academy of Sciences e meu e-mail sugerindo pautas

sexta-feira, abril 26th, 2019


Natural Language, Dialog and Speech (NDS) Symposium (NYAS)

(mandei este e-mail para o evento visando participar com uma stand. Checar respostas no e-mail desde 04/26 e checar meu dashboard, notifications)

The universal natural formula of all natural systems shows that our actual binary systems cannot learning humans properties, it is necessary a new different approach. What we are doing with the current approach is turning on, unconsciously, the biological brain into a mechanistic brain, instead the opposite that should be our goal. I am the unique man in this world that knows this formula, how to make interpretations from  it, trying to mimicking it technologically, as you can have a n initial idea seeing the formulas at my website .

Natural evolution is coming in  unique evolutionary lineage since 13,8 billion years ago. Errors in the current paradigm and approach are due also because a world view that separates biological from cosmological evolution, so, life, humans, biological evolution seems to be failed from skies by magical entities, be it gods or constructive randomness. This magical thinking never will lead our computation to learning humans. We discovered the evolutionary link between cosmological and biological, so, we have the knowledge how humans properties were already encrypted in the physic laws before life’s origins, and since we want to give life to our machines, we need know it.

Natural evolution has worked with two fronts since the Big Bang, one we can call it as hardware, the other, software. Exactly how we developed computation, natural evolution develops due feedback between this hardware and software. I am introducing the universal formula as a kind of simple algorithm where we can see the hardware and software at same time.      It happens that the universal formula has not two binary variables, but seven variables, and we can see them from atomic, astronomic, do DNA systems. Another big difference is that natural systems are based on the anatomy of light waves, which has encrypted the process of life’s cycles: any non-biological natural system is built by this living process. So, we need to transform our hardware, replacing pieces, following the natural model.

By the way, I think that my personal investigation lead me to final results that could be interesting to listen them. Since I am American citizen but most part of my life doing research at Amazon jungle,  ( English is not my native language, so, the errors here, sorry) and since I am living in New York, is you think it is good for you, I can build a stand with images in the corridors of the conference talking to people. Or another way you think about. I am sure the novelty of my approach is full of new insights that can boost the development of machine learning. Thanks… Louis Morelli (phone: xxxxxxxxx, e-mail : xxxxxxxxx

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Interessante debate existencial: O tratamento aos animais e o tratamento de humanos a outros humanos

sexta-feira, julho 6th, 2018


From Google+:

The Philosophical Need for Animal Rights

“Immanuel Kant’s argument that no human being should be used as a mere means to the ends of others has become a part of our moral culture. Speaking informally, you are using a person as a mere means when you are using that person in a way that is contrary to his/her own good and to which he/she could not possibly consent. But every human being, as a rational being, is an “end-in-itself,” as Kant put it, and so has an inherent value that forbids such treatment.”

“But we human beings have not been willing to exercise this kind of restraint or grant this kind of value to the other animals who share the planet with us. Instead, we have eaten them, experimented on them, tested medications on them, kept ourselves warm with their fur and skin and feathers, used them for transport and for heavy work like pulling plows, enlisted them in our wars, employed them to sniff out bombs and drugs and to track the missing, made them fight and race for our amusement, and found joy and comfort in their companionship.”

“What could justify this difference in the way we treat other human beings, or anyway in the way we think we ought to treat them, and the way we treat the other animals?”

Meus comentarios na discussao:
Louis Charles Morelli em Julho (07),06/18
” This biosphere was created by the state of chaos, but its creator, this astronomic system, is in state of order, mechanicist order. Animals are son of chaos, so a predator killing a prey is the enforcement of chaos. I think we must be the flow of order that lift up from every ciclic chaos, so we must wish to install here the state of order, a kind of garden paradise for all living beings. So we need to combat the forces of chaos and when a prey has its life threatened by a predator we must to arrest or kill the predator, be it a lion or a human being. For getting the state of order we need to exorcise from humans the inherited instincts of prey ( common at workers) and predators ( common to businessmen/women).”

Louis Charles Morelli em Julho (07),07/18
” But every human being, as a rational being, is an “end-in-itself,” as Kant put it,..”
Here is the problem of non-rational animals and humans: the tendency to be a closed system, which is an evolution/stopper. The evident investment of natural evolution here and now is clearly, on the human brain, targeting the formation of a new shape of natural system: consciousness. We are 8 billion half-conscious genes building the fetus of what pretend to be born as universal consciousness ( suggests the new world view called Matrix/DNA). So, it is against natural evolution to use human beings for our own good at short time, we will pay it at long time. Because each human being as a gene is a unique and non transferred information, a mission to be accomplished, a letter, a message to be delivered, if only one human does not do his/her work, we will be one handicapped, or the Universe can discard human species here investing in another place/species.
We need to be an opened system but our genetic inheritance is coming from an ancestral closed system ( these astronomical systems that created our biological bodies). That’s why intuitive ancient mysticals elaborated the tales of the fall from the paradise, which was a closed system. We need to combat animals predators, humans predators of humans, we need to combat the inertial dependency of humans with prey’s behaviors, we need to freedom every human being that is being prejudiced in its time and resources for him/her to accomplishes the unconscious reason they are here. kant is wrong saying that the current moral value ” has become a part of our moral culture”. Not in relation to the 1% and the high medium class.