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Lista de sites de scans e rankings de websites – Testar todos

quarta-feira, junho 13th, 2018


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Lists of similar & related services


  • – Scans sites and looks up domains/IPs on various blacklists. This service inspired us to build
  • URLVoid – Website Reputation Checker Tool
  • keycdn speed test – Website speed test, employs similar techniques and inspired some features on this site
  • WebPagetest – Exhaustive speed-testing service with different locations, browser and options
  • pingdom Website speed test
  • Calibre Web performance monitoring – Professional service for monitoring web app performance
  • Trackography – Find out who is tracking you when you are reading your favourite news online.
  • Web Cookies Scanner – HTTP cookies, Flash, HTML5 localStorage, sessionStorage, CANVAS, supercookies, evercookies as well as SSL/TLS and HTTP security
  • Hardenize – Helping you deploy the latest security standards
  • Browserless – A headless browser in the cloud


  • Lighthouse – analyzes web apps and web pages, collecting modern performance metrics and insights on developer best practices.
  • lightcrawler – Crawl a website and run it through Google lighthouse.
  • Puppeteer – Headless Chrome Node API, maintained by the Google Chrome Team
  • betwixt – System level network proxy, providing inspection via Network panel
  • Awesome chrome-devtools – Awesome tooling and resources in the Chrome DevTools ecosystem