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Science Connected: Website de Divulgacao Cientifica

segunda-feira, janeiro 14th, 2019


Science Information & Education


  • We live in an era of constant scientific discovery and technological change. Science directly impacts our lives and requires our input as informed citizens and voters. The success of nations depends on building a scientifically literate society and a skilled, STEM-educated workforce.This year, Science Connected donors gave free science lessons and experiments to educators, enabled top scientists to share their knowledge directly with the public, and opened doors to science careers for women and minorities… (more)…

Grande critica ao pensamento filosofico materialista ( vulgo cientista)

quinta-feira, novembro 9th, 2017


(Obtido num debate no YouTube, video “Origens da Vida…”

Annoyingly fallacious mentality. Obviously you don’t know any scientists. If you did, you’d know these statements that you made about ridicule are stupid. You see pop culture scientists do it, scrubs like Tyson so, you think all scientists are cocky, rock-star wannabes. Also. this isn’t a science journal. However, lets use your obvious attempt to pigeon hole normal people who want to discuss these barely intelligible theories.

Copernicus, Galileo, Newton and Einstein can all be discounted because of a total lack of “impact factor.” They were reviewed by their peers.

And it was strong across the board that their contemporaries thought some of their ideas were absurd. So, there’s that to deal with. Any impact factor generated by circulating their works posthumously doesn’t count, those aren’t peers.

As usual a BS double standard in order to co-opt a discussion and kill it. Which, is exactly what you did.

Here’s how the two main paradigms work:

S v R

Religion makes you a sinner if you DO believe. What else would we need Baby Jesus for?

Science makes you ignorant, stupid or insane if you DON’T believe. (Yes. I’m quoting the R-tard Dawkins).

Not hard to see why so many choose science.

Go along to get along. In fact, Christians by the hordes accept evolution. I am not Religious. Don’t believe in any form of God(s), I have ever heard of. Just to be clear. If science was as absolute, as you claim it is, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. It would be an actual fact, not one by default. (This video is proof of how much evidence you don’t need to have. It was disingenuous on many accounts.) Fact by default? Gravity, Heliocentric model and Evolution (to name a few) are only taken as fact because they feel it’s tested enough and won’t be proven false. That’s it. That’s the only reason scientific theories are “fact.” But that’s what happens when you stray from actual science to Empiricism and Inductive reasoning. Empiricism – Sensory Data. Inductive Reasoning – Probability (in many theories massively low probability) Interesting FACT. Look up Empiricism. It’s also a theory. either way, right off the bat, this is a formula for horrible and erroneous so-called science. Remember Aquatic Ape Theory, Piltdown man, Haeckel’s embryology? Walking whale fossils (rodhocetus), that was a fun one. Many people don’t even know that these were fake or erroneous to this day. You’re using this peer review crap to trap people and quoting crap verbatim that you clearly don’t understand yourself. Obviously, most, if not all pop culture scientists will agree with each other If not, you can just be dismissive, right? Like Krauss, when real scientists blasted his BS about Quantum Religion. Dawkins and Krauss write and argue like philosophers because they are. Doesn’t matter how much they paid for their education and what it is in. Recognize this, there are two types of science. Science you actually use (at your job for example), and science you can only talk about, because it doesn’t exist anywhere in real life.

O que é Ciência? Definição pela Matrix/DNA perspectiva…

quarta-feira, agosto 23rd, 2017


Esta definicao me aconteceu intuitivamente quando lia o debate no link:

e postei o seguinte comentario:

Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli

Science had several owners since it was born, although the owners comes and go, Science will continuing walking by itself along the time.
Science has no theories, the very scientific act is solely the observation and experimentation of real facts and events happening in the material world, and the clear identification of what is Science is the accumulation of data got by its acts. So, at Earth, humans are merely a tool, an instrument used by Science. But Science is universal, then, at other planets, aliens are its tools.
Science can not think by itself, it can not elaborate theories, linking facts here and now with supposed facts far away. There are rocks, rocks are subject of Science investigation. Linking rocks with the far away event of life’s origins is merely human business. It is a valid tentative, although, I like human’s theories because has theories that have driven Science to successful investigations, as have others driven Science to nowhere. But, this is how human knowledge advances: trial and error. This painful method would not be necessary if humans decides not be owners of Science, searching for profits or power, only knowledge, as was the goal of the Founding Fathers of the new Enlightenment.
It happens that humans sometimes drives the scientific acts to points of their personal interests for profits or ideologies, like the ancient apostles did and the modern are doing also. Who decides which point, are those “fundraisers”, the big corporations and their apostles inserted into universities, like the big corporation Catholic Church did. Driven Science means repeating acts upon a unique dimension of reality, selecting a line of research and ignoring others, in the way that these acts works as feed back to the prior acts, and only a fake face of Nature is revealed. This is the opportunity for Science applying a painful lesson. “Do you want a mechanistic reality? Science will give it to you, and then, will slaving you inside yours mechanical reality.” That’s why we are going towards the Brave New World under the rules of the Big Brother.
And that’s why I choose to live isolated at Amazon jungle leaving Science working through me, without driven it,without any other personal interest than the search for knowledge, and got the fave of an living Universe, described the most by Biology than Physics and Math. Please, never forget that those that were believing they was the owner of academic knowledge and our schools, were replaced when Copernicus opened the doors to the modern apostles. Who, for sure, will be replaced again… Meanwhile, Science walks free its own way…

Humanos estão evoluindo ou nao? – Forum do Debate.Org

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DEBATE.ORG. ( Username: MatrixDNA – Pela conta Twitter – mesmo password)

Humans are still Evolving ?

Poste by: Pro

Em: 02/14/2017 – Category: Sciences

Now this debate will obviously have to begin with the pre supposition that Evolution is true and accurate, something I do not even believe to be an opinion at this point due to the massive amount of evidence backing it, but that is besides the point.

It is my belief that human beings are still evolving and are still going through a Darwanistic process of evolution, just changed due to our changes of the environment

Please if you are to join state that you accept the challenge and post your opening argument

1. No personal attacks or ad homs (attacking the person rather than the argument)

That’s it

I look forward to your reply


Posted by MatrixDNA –  fev/02/20/2017

Evolution is a natural real process but the Darwinian ( and even Neo Darwinism and the Modern Synthesis) interpretations are wrong or in fault. Earth has not created the process of Evolution, it is a universal process and Darwinian interpretation is only about biological evolution which is only about the last 3 billion years. So, for really understanding Evolution we need include Cosmological Evolution ( about the first 10 billion years) and its mechanisms, like thermodynamic entropy, etc.. In the hierarchy of natural systems, since this solar and galactic systems are above biological systems, these ones are being affected by those, and darwinian interpretation are not seeing them.

The human physical machine is not the most evolved natural system. Chimps were, but the most evolved till now are our ancestrals galactic systems. It was/is a perfect working mechanic machine. As our ancestral, its “DNA” is encrypted into our DNA ( the wrong called junk-DNA). And biological system is evolving/growing in the womb of this galaxy, in shape of the whole Earth biosphere, the final baby must be a reproductive system’s shape of this creator.

So, the natural tendency is to transform the whole biosphere into a perfect machine, described by Newtonian mechanisms. All species, included humans, are going to be pieces of this machine. Stupid pieces, like in the brave New World under the Big Brother.

But,… beyond this creator galaxy, there is the creator Universe. Hierarchically, the Universe affects the galaxy and of course, this biosphere. This universal influence has made changes in this reproductive process, big mutations, due new states of matter – the liquid state creating organic chemistry and a kind of light/plasma creating consciousness – two things that galaxies don’t have.

We were created by this immediate astronomic system for being eternally machines’ pieces, but, we can accept this destiny or we can evolve using consciousness. (See Matrix/DNA Evolution Theory)