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Matrix/DNA Pesquisa a Troca de Energia do Petróleo por Energia Solar Para manter a Civilização Industrial

sábado, março 21st, 2015



Solar and planetary nuclear energy can move natural systems better than fossil fuel – accordingly Matrix/DNA Theory. If you see the formula of all natural systems in its website you will understand what I am telling about. We have mimicked Nature’s mechanisms and systems by artificial way, with new materials, and then, we had to use artificial energy. Maybe another life form got the easiest way for natural industry.

Yours own body is a machine, an industrialized one. Is there any human made machine superior to that? And what is the energy that created the human-machine? It comes from plants. What energy created and still fuels plants? So, the very secret is to known better the chloroplasts and photosynthesis, trying to mimic this natural device for getting natural energy without changing it, without killing its free movement and then, finding the soft materials that this energy will arrange as industrial machines. At Matrix/DNA world view we are researching this issue. But the problem is more complex due two things that the Matrix’s models are pointing out that the Earth and solar magnetic fields also contributed when driving the natural energy to create biological natural systems and both – light and magnetic field – works under the process of life’s cycle nad here lays their ability to create natural system/machines.

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If life is possible on other planets, how likely is it that fossil fuels would develop? Would industrialization be possible without fossil fuels?  – self.AskScienceDiscussion

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