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Uma tentativa de iniciar a introduzir a formula da Matrix/DNA na pratica – Voluntario ao setor de ideias desenvolvimentistas da ONU

segunda-feira, outubro 30th, 2017


Ideas For Us Org. – Uma Ong atrelada `a ONU, com sede em Orlando

Me candidatei como voluntario e como motive enviei o comentario abaixo. (verificar se vem resposta via e-mail)

Name: Louis Charles Morelli

Application= 10/30/2017

Nature has applied everywhere the same kind of formula for organizing matter into working systems, from atoms to plants to galaxies to human bodies. We find this pattern template like a diagram of software as a universal pattern, inserted inclusive as the building blocks of DNA. The entire human production and our relations to this biosphere could be automated and optimized if designed upon this formula. because, at the same time the formula designs organisms as opened systems, it can work as a closed system, where all operations are automatized and recycled. So, every time we observes humans economic activity and makes comparisons with the deep natural meanings under the formula we perceive that things could be made in a different way, we have different ideas. Since that you does not know the formula and its meanings because it is not largely published, I would like to know the issues that the organization is trying to solve, maybe I can make contributions or at least bringing on more food for thought. A briefly introduction to formula is at my website, http// , if you have a time, please look there, and I can answer any question. Cheers…

Planos Sociais/Culturais Para USA/Brasil

sexta-feira, setembro 23rd, 2016


Money de Fundação para atividade beneficiente social, ate fevereiro/16/2017

Smart and Connected Communities (S&CC)

NSF 16-610


10 Big Ideas for Future NSF Investments

NSF INCLUDES: Enhancing Science and Engineering through Diversity

O Includes significa  (Inclusion across the Nation of Communities of Learners of Underrepresented Discoverers in Engineering and Science), portanto (parece-me) uma oportunidade para nos da Matrix/DNA pois (parece-me) não se exige PHD na apresentação de propostas. NSF INCLUDES will invest in alliances and partnerships, employing the concept of collective impact by uniting a wide variety
of collaborators to solve a common problem. It will develop scalable ways to broaden STEM
potential among traditionally underrepresented groups — including women, Hispanics, African
Americans, Native Americans, persons with disabilities, people from rural areas and people of
low socioeconomic status.

Isso aqui pode servir para apresentar sugestoes ao governo brasileiro para fazer o mesmo, ao mesmo tempo que se procura conhecero que esta sendo feito no USA e ver se da para colaborar, consultando os modelos da Matrix/DNA. – Multi-year NSF INCLUDES alliances will engage partners from private and corporate philanthropy, federal agencies and scientific professional societies. The program’s structure will provide a networked testbed for research on STEM inclusion. This will enable participants to determine the key components and approaches that lead to progress in STEM inclusion, (como, por exemplo, uma nova visão dos fenomenos naturais que suscite novos experimentos), as well as the elements that allow successful local alliances to be scaled up for broader use. Developments from NSF INCLUDES will inform other possible ways through which NSF programs can integrate an inclusion and diversity mindset.

Sugestões fora de box. Oportunidade para Matrix/DNA. NSF 2050: The Integrative Foundational FundNSF – 2050 will allow for systemic community input into long-term program development, and capture the imagination of critical stakeholders about what might be. NSF 2050 intends to transcend established scientific structures and standard operating procedures. It will ensure continuous exploration at the frontiers and risk-taking in areas that might not fit inside the “box” of any particular program. Such programs could cross boundaries in innovative ways, fill recognized gaps or take advantage of new opportunities.

Usando a Formula da Matrix/DNA para, a partir dos dados geneticos, calcular o fenotipo de organismos. Preciso ver qual a utilidade disso, porem, isso pode ser feito com a formula. – Understanding the Rules of Life: Predicting Phenotype. – The universally recognized biggest gap in biological knowledge is our inability to predict an organism’s observable characteristics — its phenotype — from what we know about its genetics and environment. Many factors influence the traits in an organism, making this prediction is extremely complex. To unravel these dynamics, the National Science Foundation (NSF) proposes an initiative that will require convergence of research across biology, computer science, mathematics, behavioral sciences and engineering. This initiative, Understanding the Rules of Life: Predicting Phenotype, will include research in data integration, analysis, modeling and informatics techniques. NSF has supported fundamental work in this area including the iPlant Collaborative, an online platform of data tools for large-scale analysis of complex biological problems